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The Wines

70-80% Grenache, 20-30% Syrah, 3 days cool maceration at 11°C, Syrah not destemmed, then 3-4 week vinification, 2 pumping overs a day, some late part vat empting/refilling, final week at 29°C, 50-80% (the Grenache) concrete vat raised, 20-50% (all the Syrah, plus Grenache) 4-6 year 600-litre oak casks for 8 months, fined, unfiltered, 12-18,000 b

2014 No Rating

2 bottles tasted. Bottle 1: sound red robe. Taint on nose. Bottle 2: red robe. Worse taint. 14.5°. 12,000 b. €16. Dec 2015


bright purple hue. Has a red berry aroma and flavour with a touch of spice. The palate is chewy but bears sound fruit. The tannins are a little rustic on the finish but acceptable. Open, accessible wine with the accent on the fruit. 14.5°. €16. Down to 65% Gren, with 35% Syr this year. 12,000 b. From spring 2015. 2021-22 JL  Dec 2014

2012 ()

dark colour; polished fruit in an upright bouquet that is sided with some oak along with its black cherry fruit that is almost soaked in style, has a peppermint tune as well. The palate gives a flavour of tasty pastille fruit with enough content to hold well together in the late moments, and to end on a rather succulent, squeezy note. A spherical Gigondas, with enjoyable fruit and an approachable manner; it rolls along as one. From mid-2014. 12,000 b. 14.5°. 2021-22 Dec 2013

2011 ()

bottled 1 month ago: sound dark red robe. Oily, laurel-blackberry, with plum fruit, aroma that is pretty open, and nicely filled, accessible - plenty to entertain the drinker. The palate gives good, rolling black fruit with a fresh, saline note through it. It is a little hemmed or fenced in, so leave until mid-2013, and decant if you want to drink its youthful energy. The salty grip at the end is attractive, brings a toothsome breeze. Good content, and good drinkability for an already bottled Gigondas. 14.5°. 2023-24  Dec 2012

2010 ()

dark, nicely oily red robe; has a red berry fruit air that is oily also, filled with a little smoke, has plenty of depth and a lightly grilled, sizzling pork side, with licorice and rosemary to spur it on. The palate sequences well from the nose – there is still a show of suave, well-textured red berry fruit, with clear-cut tannins on cue after half way. Will drink well mid-2013 onwards. There is good Grenache present (tasted blind, turns out to be 80% this year) – this has been well handled. The tannins are ripe, and its fruit will extend with more time. The balance is good. It compacts down towards the finish – needs those 2 winters more. 14.5°. 2026-28 Dec 2011


shiny, quite dark red robe; reduction lurks on the bouquet – the aroma resembles soaked red cherries. This is a nose that has depth and also Syrah markings – it is still young, and not yet properly varied. The debut is round, smoothly textured before it straightens towards the finish, where it runs directly. It holds the small black berry fruits that are typical of 2009 and the warmth of the summer; it gives a hum of power as it closes, the length good. Decant it. From late 2014. 14.5°. 2022-23  Oct 2013  Previously July 2011 **** jolly dark robe, a healthy look. The bouquet is a good ensemble, holds quietly sustained black cherry fruit that is clear-cut, promises variety, also shows a sense of coffee and meat. The palate has a black cherry lead-off, is continuous, and gathers some pebbly, largely ripe tannins that sit well. Local fullness in this; it is developing well, and will be more varied and more provocative from 2014. Rather comprehensive black fruit on the finish. €15 export price. 2023-24 July 2011


clear red colour; the bouquet is also clear – spice forward red fruit, ripe and clean airs. It persists enough to show some depth, a bit of toffee and resin. Modern, clean red fruit on the palate, with a nutty, late kirsch flavour. Fair length, a functional wine that is a bit hands-off. Early style of Gigondas. Its fruits lasts quite well. Has enough matter on the finish to be agreeable, gives a glow of late heat. From spring 2010. 14.5°. 2015-16 Dec 2009


(vat) full, quite dark red; the nose is restricted – the aroma lies quietly in the glass, with a couch of reticent fruit. It is wide, though, and has shoulders. There is good muscle in the palate, with striking fruit that comes in a clean, modern way. There is a licorice aftertaste, and its tannins are largely woven in, and will be right there by 2010. Laurel and herbs appear on the aftertaste: it is long and freshly fruited there. Definitely promising wine. 2016-17. “There is a pretty volume of wine, but it still retains freshness, “ P Cartoux. Nov 2008


dark red; pistachio-caramel air to the nose, and baked fruits – red berry jam with a flash of cassis - with a spot of sweetness. The palate also has a sweet debut, with a spurt of tannin from half way. It suggests the lower River Ouvèze levels with its soft fleshiness (tasted blind). Blackcurrant comes into play especially near the end. A wine of some character that keeps going. It is a bit more intricate than it seems on first inspection. 2017-19 Jan 2008


very comfortable red robe. The nose is nicely rounded and sunny, has a clear red jelly or jam air, delivers a sprinkle of herbs and baked stones. Mainstream red fruit on the palate, which is good and clear, rather direct, and not especially nuanced. Has a little late, chalky style tannins, and is on the mark now, mixing clear fruit and freshness. 14.6°. 2016-17 Oct 2010 Previously Nov 2006 * mainly red robe; has a reserved bouquet – the fruit seems crisp underneath, with floral topping – somehow this is not quite right. The palate is a bit tense – has a wiry flavour and texture, holds cherry fruit, but lacks true richness. Fleeting, rather facile fruit on this. To 2011-12 Nov 2006


(vat) mild fruit on bouquet; nicely full fruit on palate, also well weighted. Bit of tar at end keeps it going well. Fundamental wine, feet on ground, berry fruit within is sound. Esp 2008 on, early days but could run to 2015-18 March 2005


good warm punch on bouquet, deep and persistent. Palate continues in same vein - good, punchy wine with likeable tannins. Clean, thorough wine, length is good. Esp 2008 on. You wouldn`t know it was over 15° 2014-16 STGT wine March 2005


solid, nicely ripe nose that offers a good mix of raspberry and violet. Juicy, quite full palate, the juice stands out as its main attribute. Clean-cut in the house style, is a direct wine. Almond notes on the finish, some lurking tannin. Bottled July 2002. 2010-11 Nov 2002

1997 ()

(vat) black cherry colour. The nose is reserved, has an air of black fruit, is a bit one-dimensional. This is “dark” on the palate – it is very chewy, and tannins fit around squeezed cassis fruit. There is a touch of spirit at the end, seems a bit forced in relation to its primary matter. Tannins control a tight finish. From 2001-02. 2010-12  April 1999


(vat) peppery nose, quite round. Mid-weight palate, moves to a quite chewy finish. Not bad for a medium quality vintage in terms of extract and life. Oct 1996

1995 ()

(final wine, vat) mauve robe; firm nose, upright but good depth below, black fruits. Well structured on the palate, is firm but well directed, tannins enter on the end. Clean tasting wine, not especially generous. From 1999. Life 9-12 years. Oct 1996

1994 ()

sound colour; pepper-spice aromas, prominent bouquet. Firm attack – middling depth, rather austere throughout. Bottled 26 August, 1996. Oct 1996