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The Wines

80% Grenache (1970s and older), 10-15% Mourvèdre, 5-10% Cinsault, Syrah from south, south-west facing clay with limestone, gravel sub-soils, 80% destemmed, 28-32 day vinification, part vat emptying/refilling, pumping overs, aged 80% concrete vat, 20% 4-6 year 228-litre oak casks 8 months, then all vat or large barrel raised 6-8 months, unfined, filtered, 25-40,000 b


(vat/casks) full red colour; the bouquet is bright, well filled with dark red berry, mulberry style fruit airs, comes with depth, holds well. There is an underlying note of sweetness; it will unfurl broadly in time. The attack presents gourmand, tasty red fruits right away, is wide and sustained, picks up fine, chalky tannins whose powder lines the finish. This has vintage weight, and is flourishing. 15°. 26,660 b. 80% Gren, 10% Syr, 10% Mourv. €15 at cellars. Drink from 2022. 2037-39 Feb 2020


(concrete vat/casks) full, dark red colour; the bouquet is punchy, lined with meat stock, a robust aroma of dark red cherry fruit, notes of grilling, and a suggestion of flowers, muskiness. The palate has the vintage size, is prolonged, big hearted, bears knuckled red-fruited content, with dry notes and spicing into the closing moments. Its vigour is very firm. Decanting essential. 15°. 80% Gren, 10% Syr, 10% Mourv. From mid-2021. 2037-39 Oct 2018

2016 ()

(barrel) has a red robe with some glow. The nose bears a strawberry aroma, crushed red berries, is latent for now. The palate has a sweet tone, holds fleshy content with garden red fruits followed by smoky tang tannins. It doesn’t have the authority of the leading 2016s, is a straightforward, aromatic wine that is pleasant, if a little sweet. The length is sound. 14.5°. 25,000 b. €12. From mid-2019. 2033-35 Oct 2017


(vat) dark red colour. The nose is reserved, but offers some rather stylish potential based on discreet red berry fruit that comes with agreeable, quiet insistence. It’s a good display of Grenache. The palate holds red berry fruits with a pleasing tinkle of freshness, and runs with good intent to a clear finale. The tannins are also fresh; this can be left until 2019. It’s a rather Burgundian take on Gigondas – style and detail over power. 2033-35 Feb 2017


(vat, bottling June 2016) dark red robe. Plum, prune, nicely ripened fruit greets on the nose; there is a hint of soaking in the fruits. The palate gives a flavour of blackberry jam/jelly, with 2014 soft tannins in good harmony. This is an enjoyable rolling ball of flavour that will please. It is well defined and approachable, has tasty length. There is a tiny cluster of fine tannin on the finish. 14.5°. 40,000 b. €11.50. From mid-2016. 2026-28  Dec 2015 


quite a dark red, healthy robe. The bouquet has a charming style and depth, flourishes simmered raspberries and red cherries with a low-key sweetness that appeals. It is clear and elegant. The palate flows in tune with the nose, bearing well modelled red fruits with snug tannins and a Gigondas clarity. This is Burgundian Gigondas, the bearer of near Pinot qualities. Its calm, spherical shape is most appealing. It drinks well now. 14°. A low 25,000 b this year. €11.50 is very fair. 2027-30  Dec 2015  Previously Dec 2014 *** (vat) purple-garnet colour. Spice and red berry aroma with cherry notes. The palate starts sweetly, then becomes soft and fresh. The fruit weight is light fruit, but it is finely structured. 14.5°. From 2016. 2022-24 JL Dec 2014  


(vat/small casks, bottling Dec 2014) dark colour; light oak traces, hence toffee in its red fruit aroma – this is modern, polished Gigondas, has a treacle note as well. The palate presents sweet fruit and oaking, plays to the gallery, it does. The tannins are smooth, the coulis styled cherry-raspberry fruiting keeps going. It is arm’s length but will please Rhône newcomers, less so those who know how Gigondas should be. A caramel effect lasts in it. from mid-2015. Decant it. 14.5°. 15,000 b. €11 at cellars. 2029-32  Dec 2013

2010 ()

(large barrel, no 3, 80% G, 15% M, 5% Syr) dark colour. There is a sweet overlay to the nose, good Grenache at its heart – it has a raisin, nutty, sunny nature with a trace of violet in the plum, plus some oak smoke. Big construction wine on the palate, with oak and tar to reckon with after half way. It holds a lot of matter, has a true density. Fruit gallivants around the stage early on, criss-crosses it. Good potential – leave until 2015, or, if you like oak, drink it in late 2013 onwards whereby the fruit can be enjoyed on all its young vigour. There is a tarry close with ripples of gras until the oak prevails. The finale is a scented side, a tender little wisp of Gigondas in the glass. 2033-35 Dec 2011