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The Wines

80% 1980 Grenache, 20% Syrah from Le Fournas on gravely sand, clay, white stones, 30 day vinification, pumping overs, part vat emptying/refillings, aged large young 18-24 hl barrels (these barrels new in 2009) 12 months, then old large barrels 18 months (before 2009 aged large 50% 1 year, 50% 2 year oak 600 litre casks 12 months, then aged 18 hl large barrel 6 months), unfined, filtered, first wine 1987, 3,000 b (1,800 b until 2004)


(large barrel) full, deep red robe. The nose expresses coffee, black olives, some baking of warm lands, is sturdy, and not yet fully on the go. The palate delivers steady, rolling black fruit matter with ripe tannins installed in the wheel. The tannin quality is high. It finishes roundly and quietly, has polish, delivers a sure finish. 14°. 80% Grenache, 20% Syr. . From mid-2020. 2038-40 Oct 2018


(large barrel) bright, quite full red. There is a discreet air of raspberry liqueur leading the nose, crushed red berries. There’s a note of toffee, a little sweetness. It’s a rounded and nicely inviting intro. The palate rolls along with gracious red fruits, neat, precise tannins, takes an en finesse route. This is stylish, restrained and pure Gigondas based on elegant Grenache fruit, and comes with good balance. 14.5°. 80% Gren, 20% Syr. From 2020. 2037-40 Oct 2017

2015 ()

(large barrel) full, dark red robe. The nose has an oxtail depth, shows black olives, depth of black berry jam. The oak brings a little cocoa. The palate is wholesome, savoury, has a fleshy heart, drives along with purpose, ends on thick tannins. This is full, robust, long-lived Gigondas, has blue fruit notions within the thick casing. From 2025. 2041-43 Oct 2018


very dark, deep robe; oak-pine swirls above an intense bouquet based on chocolate, black raisin, a little cool blueberry fruit. The blueberry picks up again on the palate, which has a fresh spine, the oak always prominent, annoyingly so. The aftertaste is still on a chocolate thickness from the oak. This is a very concentrated wine, one to forget until 2023 if it is to become more of its place than its raising. There is stylish richness within. 14.5°. 2035-38 Oct 2018


bright dark red robe. The bouquet is shapely, going well, on quiet oak tones with very stylish, serene black fruit, cherry liqueur airs coasting along. The palate is smooth and streaming, bears smoky-oak influenced black fruited content, has ripe tannins that lock in a momentum on the driving, extended finale. This still is marked by the oak raising, but the shape is good. Decanting needed. 15°. From 2020. 2038-40 Oct 2018


(bottling in 1 year) dark red. Has a liqueur red berry air, herbs seasoning, shows tar, smoke, licorice. Oak and charcoal feature through its elegant dark fruit, its length sustained. There is a good, loose flow in its fruit, a wine that has the 2010 freshness. It is a real long runner along the palate, is stylish. It is a shade international now, but is on the threshold of showing some local attributes. From 2017. 2035-38  Dec 2012  Previously Dec 2011 ***** (barrel) dark robe; wide, well-filled nose, has muscle, shows ripples of dark fruit, prune, chocolate – big, wide waves here. The palate is scaled, led by blackberry-raspberry fruit that is ripe. It is crowded in with tannin and oak – has a close-knit wrapping from that. Oil and gras are evident, and it glows on the finish. The texture is pleasing, suave, which helps it from being too fired up. Lots of flavour, ending in a ripe mulberry. Ways to go. From mid-2014 or 2015. 2032-35 Dec 2011


(bottling in 10 days) quite dark red. Its earthy air suggests hot lands, shimmers of heat, dusty plains, flint, a fundamental backdrop. The fruit resembles red cherry eau de vie, is rather charged. The palate is robust, sealed, has a red jam flavour and profound depth, an integrated sweetness. It ends on crisp, Gigondas notes – there is a revival of clarity there. There is a good roll of fruit within as it starts to swallow its oak. It ends on toffee and tobacco. The length is good. It is a question of style – this is for modernists, but it will assemble. Powerful wine. "Its tannins have become round now - they were very dry after 1 year," Jean-Pierre Meffre. From 2015. 2033-36  Dec 2012  Previously July 2011 *** (casks) quite dark and bright. Strange sensation on the nose – big toasting here. Rather like drops of roast beef with being in a garage where there are exhaust fumes – this needs air, and the one light sensation is kirsch, red cherry within. The palate has round, and roly poly layered richness and content. It ends on ripe, robust tannins, is very much of the land. There is plenty in the glass, with its end tannins showing a typical 2009 touch of austerity. Only if all the elements fuse well will it hit 4 stars or so. There is richness in it, so it could get there. From 2014. Decant this. 2032-34 July 2011

2008 No Rating



dark robe. Varnish, oak tendencies on the nose – dark black jam aroma within. Sets itself up as an oak formula wine. On the palate, the oak is starting to yield – this would have been strong on the oak a year ago. Atypical, more international Gigondas. There is sweet, refined fruit inside the oak, and enough richness for the oak. Best to drink around 2013 onwards, so it is really sorted out, and more local, too. 2027-30 Dec 2009


pretty, full red; steady, black jam aroma that is nice and rounded – has a sunny outlook. Broad, raspberry fruit flavour that has a direct style along its edges, but the richness within is secure. Wholesome, rich wine with its oak largely absorbed. From late 2010. Gaining all the time, notably after bottling. Is around 15°. 2025-28 March 2009 Previously June 2008 (casks) ***(*) quite a dark plum colour; has a ripe fruit bouquet, with some oily intensity – the fruit is raspberry, surrounded by smoke and herbs. The aroma sustains pretty well, but maybe is a bit food down on the pedal, a touch enforced (tasted blind). The palate has a nice rich endowment – this is a wine of compact appeal; its red fruits are soundly installed, and maybe suggest the lower zone of Gigondas via their intrinsic roundness. There is gummy fruit that is broad on the finish. I would prefer a little more real inset of richness. From mid-2009. 2024-26 June 2008

2002 No Rating


2001 ()

oily, rich, slightly fungal aroma. Plenty of rich content on the palate – its tannins are well founded. This is solid, but it is all presented with roundness and good shape. Some soaked cherries towards the end. Sound wine, but I just prefer the classic for its variety and sense of place – it is certainly more intellectually satisfying. Expect more from 2008. 2025-27 July 2005