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The Wines

75% Grenache, 10-15% Syrah, 5-13% Mourvèdre, 2-5% Cinsault from stony red clay soils on 8 sites, hand harvested, since late 2000s 70% destemmed, 5 week vinification, wild yeasts, pumping overs, aged 80% 36 hl large barrels, 600-litre and new-1-2-3 year old 228-litre oak casks 18 months, 20% concrete vat, then all wine vat 2 months (100% large barrel raising in 2008), unfiltered, called Tradition until 2011, 40-45,000 b

2016 ()

(barrel/cask) dark red. The nose has a stylish red fruit jam aroma, neat herbs notions, good plum fruits. The palate is suavely textured, holds clear red fruit; the tannins are tasty, round. It has a good, soft, fleshy finale. This is Redondo, with some inner, quiet power, the tannins already within it. This is spherical, has southern heart. There’s a flash of late rockiness and expressive length. Good juice here. From 2020-21. 2038-40 Oct 2017


fine red robe. Has a quiet raspberry-led bouquet that is pure and facile. There is a sense of dried herbs behind, and it’s pared back in style, as is the palate, which has a kirsch, red cherry flavour, with gummy, layered, savoury tannins. It builds some intensity, has a naked style. I’d like more obvious gras richness – perhaps that will develop. 14.5°. From 2021. 2038-40 GB £180 per 12 b i/bond H2Vin quintessentially@h2vin.co.uk +44(0)203 073 6655 Nov 2018 Previously Nov 2016 **** (barrel/cask) red robe. Has a restrained nose, led by raspberry fruit, a splash of licorice, black raisin. It suggests a good flourish to come, a refined breadth. There are Pinot associations. The palate gives tight-knit red fruit based content with steel inside the tannins. It ends freshly and with detail. It is fine and consecutive, a throttled back Gigondas, far from his old style. From 2019. 2034-37 Nov 2016 GB £162 12 b in bond H2Vin www.h2vin.co.uk info@h2vin.co.uk +44(0)203 478 7376

2014 ()

(barrel/cask) red robe. The bouquet presents a red cherry, fig aromas, a note of toffee also. The shape is round, suggests it can come out with some elegance in time. The palate works on suave content, supple texture, largely smooth tannins. A smoky raspberry lies at its centre. This reflects the vintage accurately, the easy roundness with a little freshness and pepper. 14.5°. 45,000 b. 75% Gren, 13% Mourv, 10% Syr, 2% Cins. €20.  From mid-2017. 2025-26  Dec 2015

2013 ()

shiny, quite dark red. Has a spiced, plum liqueur aroma, a hint of raspberry. It doesn’t carry variety for now. The palate is demanding, marked by the rapid arrival of assertive tannins, with a note of eucalyptus. It has energy, though, and suggests that time will benefit it in allowing more fusion, more sing-song. No hurry thus – drink from 2018. It is a fresh, lively wine. 14°. 40,000 b. 75% Gren, 13% Mourv, 10% Syr, 2% Cins. €20.  Bottled 6 Aug 2015. 2028-30 Dec 2015 

2012 ()

mid-depth red. This has a very true, pure Gigondas air of red berry Grenache fruit, along with flint, near lavender, cool appeal, licorice. There is shapely sinew here; precise components make up an interesting whole, and not obviously. It ends on garrigue hernbs, a clear tang, greater precision there. Toothsome wine with a clear aftertaste. New Rhône here = clear when young, less foot on the pedal, no fear of cut, and fine bone tannin, freshness. Good length, STGT wine. It looks north for its inspiration, not south. The finish is particularly good: it bears winning, discreet red fruit, shows a tasty elegance. From mid-2015. £145 12 b in bond H2Vin GB www.h2vin.co.uk  2026-28  Nov 2013

2011 ()

medium, fair red colour. Smoky, clear-top aroma, a small sweep of fluid red fruits below, a sense of simmered fruits. The palate attacks on red fruit with implicit strength, both features well linked. Has smoky, rather dark tannins. There is a little plump overture from its Grenache red fruit here and there. It ends roundly, together. From mid-2015. 15°. £145 12 b in bond H2Vin GB www.h2vin.co.uk 2024-26 Nov 2013  Previously Dec 2012 **** (barrel/vat) appealing red. The nose has a good foundation, inner strength. It holds a full Grenache plum fruit, with the snap of licorice and flint. The attack is widely spread, and followed by a good, plump middle. It fines down towards the finish. Good raw goods here. The wine lengthens steadily, and I like its natural vigour. It sustains towards the finish, and is fresh. The fruit is wholesome. All elements in place for a good take-off. From late 2014 or so. 15°. 2027-29  Dec 2012


shiny, dark red colour, purple traces; smoky-tar, cooked plums air, comes with a notion of raspberry, light licorice. The bouquet rolls well with a quiet fragrance, and its heart beats with good Grenache, very plum strokes. The debut is fresh, and the palate mixes gras, rich content with a chiselled extra freedom; this has cut, verve, a mineral-pebble tang as it ends. The finish is good and chunky – there is plenty there, and it is long. Full, persistent and rather mighty. It is still finding its route to an ensemble. From late 2015. 15.5°. 2030-33  Nov 2013  Previously Dec 2012 ***** clear red; nutty, red-fruited aroma, and a spark of ash, garrigue, cinnamon and licorice adds plenty. The fruit is clear and rolling, has good cut, and builds well into a kirsch, plum fruit, crisply presented ending. The palate is fresh, linear, has an ash smoke end. Mineral influences prevail over sunny, fat ones, but it is ripe inside. A long distance wine – from 2016 for more largesse. This will be notable for its balance. “Acidity, good pH, ripeness, tannic structure – this is a really my ideal vintage, and en plus, there is none of the sucrosity of the Grenache that can hinder,” Yves Gras. 15.5° - all well wrapped. 2031-33  Dec 2012  Previously Dec 2011 ***(*) (casks) rather dark. Wide bouquet, has a bosky, taut air, stretched out red cherry and berry fruit, flintstone. Young. The palate is flinty, herbal; the fruit is subdued within its compact gras richness. Only just stirring its limbs now, and currently cellar assertion is on top. It finishes drily, with bristling tannins present. A masculine, forcing style of Gigondas, a bit tough in this raw state. So wait. From 2015, maybe. 2029-31 Dec 2011

2009 ()

(bottling soon) attractive black-red colour. Smoky, chocolatey air which is insistent, deep, muscular and rather raw, shows licorice also. Gamey, robust moments on the attack. I do not find this cask sample quite pristine – possible Brett, has a yeasty notion towards the end. A gutsy wine that spreads across the palate decisively. Need to inspect this post bottling. 2026-28, say. March 2011

2008 ()

shiny, quite full red; pine and resin lead notes on the nose, a waxen effect in with red cherry eau de vie. The palate starts on a supple, squeezy note. There is a pine influence through this, as if altitude and limestone snap have played a part. Interesting wine with STGT leaning. It develops notes of red meat and roast beef as the second half becomes full, with mixed herbs and a fresh menthol exit. Drinks well now, with character and guts. 100% large barrel raising this year. €9.50 ex cellars, €19 at the domaine. 2019-20 July 2011


(casks, to be bottled May 2009) full robe; blackberry liqueur, floral, violet notes bouquet – an aroma that lingers well, is smoky, also licorice in the air. The palate is a full affair, is dense but has a sense of purpose. Robust, powerful wine with enough matter surrounding it to press on to a rich finish. Gutsy, solid and good. 2018-20 March 2009

2006 ()

largely black robe; the aroma is mixed – shows toffee and oak in a supple black fruiting, is nice and wide, with black pepper due to its oak. It is a big scale wine on the palate, now locked up, comes with an oaked, full-on nature (tasted blind – it suggests Yves Gras). A real punchy creature – an assertive hound dog. Charged wine with a full core – it needs to settle its oak. There is a hickory smoke, thyme and bacon mingle on the aftertaste. From mid-2011. 2022-23 Nov 2008

2005 ()

dark cherry colour; has a close-knit, rather sealed tight aroma – there are soaked and sweet black cherries (griottes) in a low-key register and a touch of crème de menthe: it is monochrome now, not yet evolved and varied. The wine has a meaty, full modern cherry flavour – the fruits are sweet-toned and run on with some floral infusion. Like the nose, it is still very primary, and has not developed its nuances. The tannins taste of licorice and circle the largely round finish. There is power on the finish, and a slight divorce between its matter and its alcohol. It can get there. 2019-21 June 2008

2004 ()

handsome quite dark red; the bouquet is well filled – it is brewed in nature, comes with a raspberry outcrop that adds some lightness of touch to it, also has a cool, coffee tone, derived from its oak. The flavour is minted, with prune as well: it is gourmand before its ripe tannins appear. There are leather notes in with the black fruit, suggesting Mourvèdre support late on. A wine that respects its vintage – it is wide and has good local heart. It drinks OK now where its vigour buzzes it up. A wine of character. 2016-17 Dec 2006


game, leather, solid bouquet. Immediately potent palate, with a warm texture. Gains in punch through the palate. Big, wide wine with a cherry, violet dash of flavour, and a chewy end. Esp 2007 on. 2013-15 "I had a lot of work with the 2003 tannins - I took the wine out of the oak early on and worked it on fresh 2004 lees, and that helped to soften them." Y.G. March 2005


raisin, nougat aroma, with varnish - a mixture of sensations. Ripe fruit on palate, with a raisin style flavour, has richness without being profound. Violet, scented aftertaste. Yves has come up trumps this vintage - this has length and character. 2012-13 London, March 2005 Previously March 2005, Rhône *** smoky, plum fruit bouquet, lively violet aroma as well. Clean, direct black fruit, tannins broaden at end, is nicely weighted. Drinks well now, with its vigour on show. 2009. "It was rare for us to have a gourmand, live wine like this" Y.G. Only wine made this year. March 2005 Previously May 2003 *** (vat, example of the assemblage) three-quarter depth of red robe. Full, mineral-aired aroma. The palate is stirring – this is decent stuff, has plenty of content, good gras, really good juice here. Can live for 14-15 years. Drink especially from around 2006-07. May 2003

2001 ()

sound red robe. The bouquet expresses well-ripened fruit, is good and broad, smoky, has a sap from being ripe, expressly so. This is tasty, full, holds plenty of stimulating fruit that is clear, red cherry in style. Tannins move in rather swiftly. Plenty to come. Leave until 2007. “Very good balance, good acidity levels this year,” Yves Gras. 2018-20 May 2003

2000 ()

(large barrel, bottling in 3-4 months) rather dark robe. Ripe fruit, ripe crop airs – there is a plump note to the red fruit on the bouquet that is also marked by some oak; it is fleshy, meaty in style. The palate handles itself well – it is broad, carries sleek cooked black fruits – they don’t stray into the realm of jamminess, are more pure and have more cut than that. Vigour and life on the finish, where the tannins are well present. Not the biggest vintage, but a sound wine that will drink agreeably when mature, especially around 2006 onwards. 75% Gren, 10% Syr, 10% Mourv, 5% Cinsault. 2015-18  Nov 2001

1999 ()

handsome red robe, black tints. The bouquet is broad, meaty, has air of pebble dust, light pepper, animal hints – it is quite potent. This is interesting wine with the character to become complex, it is live, works well, has a bonny future. The attack is alert, the red stone fruits run well and integrate with the tannins, and there is a hint of pepper. The ending is good and fresh, which is a hallmark of the vintage, still in the shadow of 1998. Good wine. From 2004. 2018-20  Nov 2001


honey, nutted, raisin tart aromas in a soft bouquet that is wide and nicely full. The palate is really tight knit; a pretty wine with a good texture of round and agreeable red fruits. Harmony and suave flow here. It is showing very well now, is still young. More shade and light in it in 2-3 years, ie 2010 or so: it is notably still largely in a primary state. 2018-19 Jan 2008


quite a dark robe; the nose bears airs of black fruits, has fair depth. This starts off quite well – this is an accessible wine, has style. There is some substance in the black fruit, some heat and burn on the finish, the length correct. It is a touch squeezed. It will settle in around four years, drink from 2002. 2010-13 April 1999

1996 ()

dark, matt-toned robe. The bouquet has an aroma of dark, cooked fruit, the essence of that – there are airs of tea, mint and a bosky angle. It is is genuine and for now, a bit pesky – leave it to fuse. This is better than many 1996s on the palate; the flavour centres on Grenache plum fruit, but is then followed by dry-toned tannins. A no-nonsense, traditional wine. It requires time to allow the acidity of the vintage to settle and integrate. Something of a northern style wine, living on acidity. The length is fair. 2012-15  April 1999


maturing, plum colour. Calm bouquet - rounded, a little mint, black fruit with an earthy, light truffle, meaty side to it. Very good attack - close-packed, stylish fruit, contains good central acidity and rolls on well. Gourmand, classy flavour, elegant and rounded, supple feel to it. Shows a little volatile. Very different to many Gigondas 1995s, that are often more austere - this is in line with Yves` walk apart attitude. 2011-13 October 2005, Copenhagen Previously April 1999 ***(*) dark, sustained robe. The bouquet expresses black cherry fruit, is quite upright for now, has the “wire” of the vintage. It is a touch stern on the palate, the effect of new oak at the end drying it. Its fruit fades, and I get the feeling that the oak has been overdone. Try from 2002. The oak has moved forward since first tasted. 2009-12  April 1999 Previously Oct 1996 ****(*) Previously Oct 1996 ****(*) very rich aspect; solid, dark fruits nose with potential, round in shape, very full. Lot of very rich matter, one of the biggest wines from 1995, excellent fullness, a good, clear flavour. Very promising. 15 years life at least. Oct 1996


dark plum robe; pepper in a latent power bouquet – needs time to open, has a prune side to it as well. Firmly full palate, a sort of Black Wine, shows a Mourvèdre influence on the finish, ends on a lot of chewy content. More extract than many Châteauneufs, best around 2001 onwards, can live until at least 2012. Bottled end August 1996. Oct 1996

1993 ()

quite dense colour, legs down the glass. Prune, leathery nose with a rather firm side. Interesting palate – has a spicy fullness with mid-depth fruit. Ends on a lot of chewiness and tannin. The mid-palate handles the tannins well. Nice, in the rather upright style of the year. Can live until 2005-08, I would say. Oct 1996

1991 ()

(magnum) profound, very beau bouquet, with fresh red fruit and pepper surrounds, its core is very deep. The palate floats along, with charming red fruit and acidity at the end that is keeping it going. Very stylish, holds good charm. The fruit is directed and refined. Great to drink with veal, for instance. 2013-14 Feb 2006