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The Wines

64-95% Grenache, 0-10% Mourvèdre from sandy soils at Les Saintes Vierges (N-E), 0-25% Syrah (Serine from La Font du Pape (N-E), 0-1% Counoise, whole bunch fermentation, 3-4 week vinification, pumping overs, aged large barrel & terracota jars 12 months, then concrete vat 6 months, unfined, unfiltered, first made 2010, 5,000 b has risen to 13-16,000 b


(large barrel) full red robe; the bouquet has a sultry depth, prune and cooked black stone fruits together. There is inner sweetness. The palate gives clear-cut black berry fruits, has a respectable level of fluid richness, with a well-timed intro of tannin towards the finish. It’s harmonious, curvy and genuine, the precision of the fruit pleasing. 64% Gren, 25% Syr, 10% Mourv, 1% Counoise. From 2022. 2039-41 Oct 2019


(large barrel) red robe, legs. Has a restrained red berry air on the nose, strawberry coulis, soft mixed herbs. It holds back. The palate is easy textured, bears gourmand red fruits, kind curves, presents a good finesse of Châteauneuf-du-Pape, with sweet late notes, discreet build-in tannins, more darkness from them. It has a cosy roundness, some depth of red fruit. Its inner strength is well under wraps. From 2021. 2037-39 Oct 2017


full red robe. The nose is lying low on a secure couch of smoky dark red berry fruits such as mulberry with notes of loganberry. It’s potentially a good cocktail of fruit and local colour, prompts such as coffee, menthol, herbs. The palate holds an engrained depth of red fruited content, the tannins vibrating with muscle. It’s a manly, compressed wine that carries the ground force of 2015, and needs leaving until 2021 so some charm can enter the equation. The structure means it will live a long time. Decanting necessary. 14°. 2034-36 Mar 2018


dark plum red colour, a stable robe. The bouquet leads on an air of cigarette ash, some smoky crunch from the inclusion of the stems, has an aromatic red fruiting behind, plum fruits to the fore. It’s a steady start. The palate picks up the dried herbs theme, the smokiness present in a flavour of good cooked plums and spices. This has detail, and a warm blanket of content that allows it to go nicely long. The mix of freshness, the vegetal-lead pencil and the calm and neat richness within work well together. Decanting helpful. This will age and gain in interest as it goes. 14.5°. 2031-33 Mar 2018

2013 ()

full red robe, not much change in the depth. The nose is sturdy, well fuelled with a clove, geranium topping over cooked plums, incense airs. The palate runs with immediate spiciness, a tangy richness which has the lithe coolness and vigour of 2013. There is a thread of the dry conditions through it, and it will gradually reduce its tannic acidity and become more open and a little richer. It’s a smoky Châteauneuf, with a burnt ash, mineral close, one for the true Rhône enthusiasts. From mid-2019, decanting advised. 14°. 2030-32 Mar 2018


(barrel) mild red; gracious red cherry, airborne fruit aroma with a well tucked-in neatness. The palate has elegant tightness, a running red fruit which is tasty, drinkable. Low key tannins is placed around it, and a minor extra sweet roundness comes through on the finish. Interesting “wire” of 2012 here. It lengthens soundly, features flint, red cherry fruit on the aftertaste. Has a good, pure exit. From late 2015. £350 12 b in bond H2Vin GB www.h2vin.co.uk  2027-29 Nov 2013


bright red robe. Has a good, wide nose – it is rather copious but the red liqueur fruit is restrained, and there is a snap of licorice – it shows healthy promise. The palate gives tasty fruit, immediately. This is good – it has roundness and style. It is an expressive fruit pastille style wine, and has matter for its degree of 15° to 15.5°. I want to drink this. Has good length, with subtle freshness on the finish. From 2015. 15°. 2027-29  Dec 2012


bright red robe. This has a full aroma, a suggestion of depth and ripeness, with plenty to come. There is a light sprinkle of thyme and herbs over its red fruit. The hum of power inside the bouquet is under control. The palate grips on debut, has a firm second half, is taking its time. Good, clear qualities. It starts on a fruit pastille note, a red jam feature, before moving into crisper, menthol stages. This has good fibre and muscle, a tension from the vintage. It is not obviously styled à la Châteauneuf-du-Pape. 15.5°. 2030-31  Dec 2012