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The Wines

80-85% Grenache (1916-1970s, av age 60 yrs in 2009), 15-20% Mourvèdre (late 1970s) from Les Pallieroudas, whole bunch concrete vat fermentation, 20-25 day vinification, 2 daily pumping overs, concrete vat raised 12 months, fined, filtered, 8,000 b


red robe; a blackberry leaf and fruit aroma leads the nose, with herbs, a vegetal presence. The palate gives a burst of red cherry, strawberry fruit which carries with some purpose, helps out the second half, even as it tones down, reaches for a little floral note on a mild finish. The fruit is fine, but I would like more depth of content. 14.5°. 2028-30 Feb 2020


even red robe; has a neat aroma of raspberry, with vintage sweetness, pastille style fruiting – it’s a curvy nose. The palate presents a welling up of red-fruited content, carries some spark in the tannins. It has the fleshy bounty of the low lying areas of Gigondas, the fruit persisting truly. It’s genuine, of its place, STGT Gigondas. 14.5°. From 2020. 2036-37 Nov 2018


(concrete vat) dark red. The nose is a little dumb for now, has a blackberry intensity that isn’t yet really released, a sweet surround to it. The palate runs with good, lively plum fruits, notes of strawberry thanks to its very true Grenache. There is a good coating to the texture, and this is wine of good, local authenticity, down to showing sweet herbes de Provence in the flavour. The finish is on extract of red stone fruits and some pushy, nicely chewy tannins that require another three years. From 2020. 2032-35 Oct 2017

2015 ()

red robe, a little light at the top. There is a floral hum above the bouquet, with strawberry and garden berry fruit airs below. It has a quiet foundation. The palate is very expressive of Grenache in a nicely naked manner – it has the correct plumpness and some elegance of delivery, ends tenderly and clearly. Likeable, natural and serene wine, great with lamb and rosemary. The tannins fit in well, are fresh. From mid-2017. 2027-30 Feb 2017

2013 ()

steady red robe. The nose is just starting to emerge, with raspberry and sweet notes, tarragon, dried herbs. There is a rather farmyard angle on the palate, some “high” fruit at its centre. It has an off-key late flavour, a lactic note. It lacks real precision, is very much a low lying lands Gigondas. 14°. 2022-23 June 2016 


has a belle robe, dots of purple in a plum red. It shows an overtly spiced, pretty forward aroma with a mildly warm later of black liqueur style fruit and dates – it has that sort of depth. Rosemary and laurel also feature, a some volatile acidity on Day 2. The palate starts on mineral, cut, black pepper, a jammy black fruit at its heart. Spiced dustiness runs in and out of it. It finishes pretty completely, more on spice and nerve than on rounded berry fruit. The aftertaste is fresh. This is a country wine that shows some spritz, is a Wild Ride, isn’t truly stable. If drinking now, it is up to game, venison, deep flavours. It can become a touch more fused from late 2015. Needs stable temperature cellaring. 14.5°. 2020-21 Oct 2014, East Sussex Previously Dec 2013 ** dark red; stewed plums aroma with white pepper, tobacco and cinnamon present. It centres on Grenache, but is confused, “muddy”. The palate has a strong peppery line running through it from the off. It holds cool red stone fruit, with a little push on the finish, an extra spur there. It will stretch out further from mid-2014. The fruit appears tired, is stewed, limps along. €12 ex cellars. Bottled already. 2018-19  Dec 2013

2010 ()

bright purple-red robe. Red cherry, peppery, high octane air, the power coming through on the palate as well. There are notes of reduction. The palate is close-knit, has compact fruit and firm tannin at the end. Good depth. This can come through well. There is a glow on the aftertaste. 14.5°. From mid-2014. 2024-27  Feb 2012


matt red colour with a bit of black in it. Healthy plum generosity on the nose, which is sunny and deep, grounded and virile. Here we go. The palate has meaty depth, its tannins still demanding, as they should be at this early stage. Has a spicy end grip – this reproduces 2009 faithfully, and is ahead of the Vacqueyras. Has an old school robustness. From mid-2013. Bottled Jan 2011. 2023-25 March 2011


modest, evolving red – the robe looks tired. Spicy, red jam and prune, a “drink me quickly” nose that has herbaceous, stalk influences. The palate is into winter spices, a small ball of prune flavour, and a peppery insert at the end. Little future for this - drink now is essential, so must be classed as disappointing. To end 2012. €7 ex cellars. July 2011

2007 ()

full red robe; high notes on the bouquet – polished leather, the racecourse paddock beckons, is hearty but clean. The palate travels directly, with vigour, and a good feet on the ground depth. Good length. There is a red plum fruit revival at the end, where it is full. It is 15.3°, all wrapped in together. From spring 2010. “It was a very balanced year, a perfect vintage,” Damien Burle. Grand guts in this, it provides fun and great drinking. STGT wine in style. To 2020 or so. March 2009