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The Wines

70-75% Grenache (late 1990s), 20% Syrah (late 1990s), 5-10% Cinsault, from mix of sand, clay-limestone & stony oils, garrigue terraces at Sarrians & Vacqueyras, hand harvested, sorting in the vineyard, whole bunch fermentation, 15-21 day vinification at up to 28°C, 3 daily pumping overs, vat raised 8-10 months, filtered, 13-65,000 b


(vat) very dark; the bouquet is on the back foot, large has a probing depth of massed black fruit, prune from the sunshine. The palate is wide and full, lengthens with a sure hand, keeps its shape into the rather replete close. The fruit is bright, pure and continuous, and it’s a cleanly made. This is modern, attractive Vacqueyras with good lines of engagement. 14°. 13,300 b. €19.50 at cellars. From 2021. 2033-35 Feb 2020

2017 ()

dark colour; the bouquet has a beef stock depth, with cooked black, blue fruits present, a note of mineral. The palate is also on a mineral-iron angle on the attack, its black fruits masked by powdery, just a tad dry tannins after the mid point. The finish brings in some chewy graininess. Decanting will benefit it, as will extra time. 14.5°. 13,330 b. From mid-2021. 2034-36 Feb 2020


healthy dark red. A soft blackberry aroma leads the nose, a neat row of pastille fruits the image. It has a serene sweetness, is easy to like. The palate bears a juicy abundance, squeezy richness, hits the mark with its roll of lip-smacking content. The finish delivers a small coolness that helps to encourage another glass. This is open, sunny wine with good balance and freedom of delivery. I like the late waves of dark flavour. It’s a safe, sing-song sort of wine. 14°. 13,250 b. From spring 2019. 2029-30 Feb 2018

2015 ()

dark plum red colour. The nose has an air of stewed red fruits with some lurking reduction; it’s sweetly centred. The palate delivers soft content, supple tannins, a floral touch towards the finish, which is pretty well juiced. There is a light underlay of grain from its powdery tannins. It has a certain wiriness within, lithe nerve running along its spine. It narrows a shade towards the finish. 14°. 65,000 b. US$22. From spring 2018. 2023-24 June 2017


shiny full-up robe, very dark. There is a good southern ring to the bouquet, involving herbes de Provence, blueberry, menthol. It is wide and provides a broad and stimulating opening. The palate is enjoyable, carries suave, well filled content, a flavour of black cherry, with purposeful, fresh tannins running around. It is a leading 2014 Vacqueyras. 14°. 35,000 b. From mid-2016. 2021-22  Dec 2015 


garnet robe. Spicy, red fruited nose. There are plum and cherry notes on the palate, which is soft and blowsy, with chewy tannins on the finish. A touch of alcohol shows as well. Simple but correct wine. From 2016. 2020-21 JL Dec 2014

2012 ()

(vat) dark, sustained depth in the robe. The fruit aroma is ripe enough to give a jelly fruit style, with attractive laurel and cinnamon notes. The fruit resembles blueberry, with a touch of licorice. The palate is tight, more so than the nose would suggest. It is pretty well together, comes with sweet spicing, but late moments are dry for now. Unfinished business here. It is very peppery, and can become a manly, quite full Vacqueyras suited to stews and country dishes. 14°. 15,000 b. From late 2015. 2024-25  Dec 2013


(vat) rather full robe; oily, sleek black fruits air, game notions with it, Syrah seems a forward player. Compact, unfinished business palate with a raspberry finale. It gathers tannins at the end, where there are also airy moments. Has depth for 2008. From late 2011. To 2018 July 2010