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The Wines

100% Syrah from schist & gneiss soils, destemmed, crushed, 3 week vinification at 30°C, 3 daily pumping overs, vat raised 6-10 months, filtered, "drink with grilled rib of beef with big sea salt flakes and butter, grilled or roasted meats", 5-9,000 b


(vat) dark red robe; the nose is wide, expansive, carries a blackberry aroma, a note of bacon fat, isn’t fully showing its range just yet. The palate is richly lined with mixed berry fruits, a lip smacking feel, late grain from the tannins. It’s a solid St Jo that won’t disappoint, but lacks the nuance and deftness of the leaders. The length is sound. It’s suited to red meats, stews, country dishes. From late-2021. 2027-28 Dec 2020


(vat) thorough dark red colour; the bouquet has size, shows a prune, cooked black jam aroma. There is backdrop of musky flowers, a lurking sweetness. The palate is savoury, reflects the vintage’s ripeness, bears ample, layered content which extends surely. It’s wide, will fill the glass well, and its lip smacking tendencies will please. Its red fruits juice is nicely thick, has flow. Low-key tannins bring a small note of darkness to the finish. This gives uncomplicated, satisfying drinking, good with lamb it will be. 12.5°. €22. From 2021. 2030-32 Nov 2019

2017 ()

(vat) dark robe. The nose has a lush aspect, presents perfumed black berry fruiting, with a slight note of damp. It holds a steady line. The palate drinks with ease, holds enjoyable, rolling black berry fruit with fine tuned tannins, the finish rounded. The fruit is pretty ripe here, so it’s a wine to drink in its youth – now until 2026-27. Dec 2018


shiny, quite dark red robe. The nose is on reduction, has a cooked plums aroma, some pork grilling, a savoury nature, isn’t yet as one. The palate is also more savoury than clear, holds fleshy content with mild, squeezy tannins. It’s a country style St Jo, perhaps from the southern sector. There is a note of mineral cut, pumice stone, on the aftertaste. There are disparate parts here, and its content comes and goes: so leave it until 2019. 12.5°. 2023-24 Nov 2017

2015 ()

shiny dark robe. The nose is reduced, so decant this. There is a fat aroma of black berry fruit within, with grilling form its oak raising. The palate bears swishy black cherry fruit with some bite from the tannin-oak combination that moves forward early on. This could have been raised a tad longer. From 2018, so it can settle and ease the mid-late palate. It drinks with some authority. 13°. 9,000 b. 2024-25 Oct 2016


dark red robe. The nose is grilled on the front end, has a savoury lamb stock air, some sweet herbs in with its neat little pocket of blackberry fruit. There is a note of reduction. The palate holds direct black fruit with a tar presence; it runs with some sweetness in its delivery. The finish is clipped. 12°. 5,000 b. From mid-2017. 2020-21  Oct 2015 

2011 ()

(vat, release early 2013) dark, sombre robe. Round, pretty full nose – oily, a cooked blackberry nature, with definite depth, a hint of aromatic tea. The palate comes as a ball of dark fruit with a little tar-charcoal and floral scenting. It doesn’t yet extend far, moves cautiously. Fine tannins are present on the finish. Not showy, does a good job, its length is pretty good. Elegance has been achieved – this shows good harmony. From mid-2014. To 2019. Nov 2012

2010 No Rating

this bottle is not 100% correct: traditional school style wine, has a pine needle, almost resin air, wild aspects along with its berry fruit on the nose. The palate shows minted black fruit, some violet, but it is infused with an earthiness, is not pristine, ends drily, almost like Brett. 12.5°. Nov 2011