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The Wines

65-75% Grenache, 15-20% Syrah, 5-15% Cinsault, 5-10% Mourvèdre from clay-limestone soils on Les Garrigues (S-W), and the outslopes of the Dentelles, first harvested grapes, destemmed, pre-fermentation crop cooling at 15°C, 3-4 week vinification at up to 30°C, part vat emptying/refilling, daily pumping overs, some manual cap punchings, vat-raised 14-22 months (before early 2010s was 24-30 months), fined, filtered, 85-100,000-237,000 b


quite a dark red; the bouquet combines beef stock, white pepper, strawberry jam with a note of rose hip. It’s quite a do – broad and forceful. The palate is copious, rolling, smooth of texture, with spiced, jammy flavours, red fruits foremost. There is a discreet length to it, as if the Mourvèdre has had a welcome say in it – hence it has better late shape than many. 14.5°. 65% Gren, 20% Syr, 10% Mourv, 5% Cins. €14.9 at cellars. From 2022, decant it. 2041-43 Feb 2020

2016 ()

(vat, bottling Sept 2018) shiny dark red. There is a sweet tune of blackberry fruit on the nose, raspberry and licorice attached. There’s a hint of smoky rockiness. The palate holds mature Grenache plum fruit, the content thick and slightly static. The tannins surge near the finish, with a baked insistence. This is sun-filled wine, a bit top heavy on that front. There is a moment of raspberry fruit release just before the close, which is encouraging. It needs time to coalesce. 15°. 237,000 b. 65% Gren, 20% Syr, 10% Mourv, 5% Cins. €13.40. From 2021-22. 2031-33 Oct 2017


2 bottles tasted: 1st bottle: fair red. Not sure is clean, both nose and palate dried out. Bottle 2: fair red colour. Sweet, a bit fat plum fruit aroma that is round, but lacks intent and content inside its surface. There is a light bay leaf and herbs angle. The palate is soft n’easy – this is a simple Grenache wine, more than that Gigondas. It tones down on the finish. The aftertaste combines dust and warm pebbles, has some glow from its degree. Grilled foods suited to this. 15°5. To 2017. 85,000 b this year, €11.35 at the cellars, bottled Sept 2012. Dec 2012


(vat) shiny, rather dark red; floral, floating red berry air that is herb-infused, light air of soaked red cherries. The palate has a red fruit, raspberry flavour that is approachable, nearly drinkable now. It has a few mild, nutty tannins attached. There is a good-natured purity here – it really is wine from the centre of the grape. Cherry, fine fruit on the finish – this is a Burgundian Gigondas. Very genuine, STGT style, a wine that can live, too. From mid-2013. 2030-32. 32 hl/ha, 70% G, 15% S, 15% M and Cins this year Dec 2011


good level red; red cherry air, as in fruit liqueur, the nose has a simmering sweetness, some thyme style herb airs behind – the bouquet is a shade loose, could be more profound. Supple, yeasty red fruit start to the palate – it gathers together a firm, clear and snappy menthol-fennel gathering on the finish. It is yeasty at the end, drier there, and food is a must. From 2013, but I am not sure it can resolve its finish. 2018-19. €6.50 ex cellars. July 2011

2008 ()

level red robe. Rather supple red cherry jam aroma, offers a note of thyme, soft herbs, is open and in the here and now. The palate is also supple, offers a quiet juiciness with a few late, slightly powdery tannins. From mid-2010 to integrate the finish. Seems carefully made to get the best out of an awkward crop. 15°, even so. 2013-14 Dec 2009

2007 ()

dumb red-mauve colour. Cool red fruit lead on the nose that is upright, shows iodine, pepper. The palate's black fruit is grouped into a tight ball – delivers spiced tannins at the end. Reserved wine taking its time, with sinew prevailing over flesh. Has a flinty texture. No real big statement here. from mid-2011. 2017-19 Dec 2009

2006 ()

modest, rather matt red. Red cherry jam aroma that is quite wide – this holds up safely enough, also has a wiry air, chestnut aroma. Tight little bundle of red fruit on the palate, with a steady, slight tannin infill sequence. Not a wine of big horizons, it runs in a restricted range, does the job. From spring 2009. Shade commercial. 2014-16 Nov 2008


Bottle 1 corked. Bottle 2: quite bright red. Baked red fruit tart aroma – it is young, and a toffee topping completes it. The palate is firmly set, in a primary state now. Its red fruits gain body later on, and it ends solidly, clearly. The tannins are fairly ripe, but lie on the outside for now. Wait for this for more variety and declaration. From late 2008. 2015-17 Dec 2006 Previously July 2005 *** (vat) pretty, well-filled nose, caramel aspects. Wide on the palate, fruit is clean, quite a full and purposeful wine. Clearly cut. Expect more herbal notes later on. 2015-17 July 2005

2000 ()

nicely advancing bouquet - shows tea, some damp forest, slightly sweet. Herbal with a pleasant mix of fruit and tar on palate. Decent local feel. Bit taut on finish, tarry aftertaste. 2010-11. July 2005