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LVT 2019 r 2019 wh 2016 rosé Since 2006 this domaine has been wholly owned by Chapoutier, although the vinification is in separate premises, whose installations were all updated and modernised in the early 2010s. It is a domaine that worked in conjunction with Chapoutier since 1998, half of the venture selling single vineyard wines, half selling merchant wines. The Ferraton family has vineyards at Hermitage on the easterly sites like Diognières, but also prime 1960s Syrah on Le Méal. The domaine vineyards are mainly cultivated biodynamically. Winemaking methods have been eased off since the arrival of the oenologue Damien Bresset in 2008, a good thing, and the wines are now more interesting and more refined, and generally underestimated. Oaking has been cut back, too.

There is a four wine range of Crzes-Hermitage red, led by Le Grand Courtil, taken from 1983 and 1991 Syrah on a small slope at Mercurol; it is rich, intense, the 2015 and 2016 ****(*), the 2017, 2018 and 2019 **** wines. The biodynamic Crozes Calendes red took a big step forward in 2019, its ****(*) wine delivering a beautiful light touch and purity in a sunswept vintage. The Crozes Les Pichères red is also biodynamic since 2015, a southern sector Beaumont-Monteux wine from young 2003 Syrah; it hovers between ***(*) and ****.

The Les Oliviers white from St-Joseph, the very south of the Tournon commune, needs four years to settle its oak but is a rich, gourmand wine in shape and consistent in quality. There are now three Lieu-Dit Saint-Joseph reds - Paradis at Mauves, Saint-Joseph and Bonneveau at Tournon, the last-named at over 300 metres. They are all good and admirably true to their terroir, especially the Lieu-Dit Bonneveau, early 1970s Syrah from hard granite, the 2016 a ****(*) STGT wine, the 2017 to 2019 all ****. Its crispness is completely in tune with its location, even in hot sun vintages.

The Lieu-Dit Saint-Joseph is made from 1950s Syrah on sanded granite, so differs from the Bonneveau in feel and expression, the sun a larger influence. Its saving grace is the natural richness derived from the old vines. The 2017 and 2019 were both ****(*). The Paradis site at Mauves is a little behind the other two as a location - it gets very hot there. The 2016, from a cool vintage, was a **** STGT wine; the 2018 and 2019 were thick in nature. However, since 2012, the existence of these three reds has robbed the regular Saint-Joseph La Source red of its heart.

The Ermitage Le Méal red is always a high grade wine, its 1960s Syrah on the East end of its sunswept hill. The 2015 was a classy STGT ****** wine, while the cooler year of 2016 produced a ***** STGT wine; the 2017 and weren ****(*), the 2019 **** wines; it requires plenty of time, its oak can be rigid. The Ermitage Dionnières comes from 18 rows of Syrah on Diognières - 1970s Serine lovingly planted by Michel Ferraton when he was on the game. It is respectfully stylish, the 2015 an inky Pinot-esque *****, the 2016 and 2019 both ****(*), the 2019 also STGT, with the 2018 and 2017 ****.

The Hermitage Les Miaux red is half own wine, half purchased wine, and is therefore the most commercial of the three Hermitage reds. It can give good quality - the 2015 an authentic, STGT **** wine, but is more often in the ***(*) range.

Ferraton have also moved into Cornas in recent years, now offering three, a classic, pretty basic, fruited blend called Les Grands Muriers, and two plot-specific wines [both around 1,200 bottles], Les Eygats from the north of the appellation, and Patou from its very sunny location in the the south. The 2017 Patou was a ****(*) STGT wine, the 2019 Les Eygats a ****(*) STGT wine.

In the South, there has been a good Tavel rosé called Les Lauses since 2015.

Damien Brisset, Chapoutier, Patrick Rigoulet 13 rue de la Sizeranne 26600 Tain l'Hermitage

Tel: +33(0)475 08 59 51



Countries exported to:1) USA 2) Europe

Percentage Exported: 60%

British Importers: The Wine Society Stevenage SG1 2BT +441438 740 222 www.thewinesociety.com Averys Wine Merchants 9 Culver Street Bristol BS1 5LD +44(0)117 921 4146 www.averys.com Laithwaite's Wine One Waterside Drive Arlington Business Park Theale Berkshire RG7 4SW +44(0)3330 148 168 www.laithwaites.co.uk Amathus Drinks 17-19 Central Avenue Leadenhall Market London EC3V 1LR +44(0)207 283 0638 www.amathusdrinks.com city@amathusdrinks.com Ellis of Richmond (Crozes-Hermitage Matiniere only) Richmond House 1 The links Popham Close Hanworth TW13 6JE +44(0)208 744 5550 www.ellisofrichmond.co.uk info@ellis-wines.co.uk

USA Importers: Sera Wine Imports 884 Arthursville Road Hartly DE 19953 +1646 630 4540 www.serawine.com info@sera-wines.com ex-importer, now distributor Baron Francois Ltd 236 West 26th Street, New York, NY 10001 +1212 924 1414 intern@baronfrancois.com www.baronfrancois.com