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The Wines

100% Marsanne (av age 35 years) from granite soils in northern sector & stony, alluvial-loess soils in southern sector, 24-48 hr cool decantation after pressing, steel vat fermented at 18-20°C (up from 16-18°C of the late 2000s), raised 4-8 months on its lees with stirring at first, malo blocked, fined, filtered, “drink as aperitif, or with white meats, pork, veal, grilled fish”, 100,000 b


yellow colour; has a spritely bouquet, gives citrus, zesty fruits, grapefruit, with a little waxy, buttery depth below that jaunty topping. The palate streams along directly on white fruit flavours with a gentle wave, leads into a tangy, grippy conclusion. It could go a bit longer, is a safe Crozes blanc. 13.5°. 2022 Nov 2019


yellow colour; the nose mixes some florality with orange zest, an undernote of ginger, typical Marsanne showing. It has a safe weight. The palate has a creamy start, is pretty suave, orderly, smoothly textured. The flavour brings in apricot, some nuttiness. It ends with decent grip, some Marsanne tang, without bitterness. There’s good freshness. It’s a reliable purchase for the money. 13°. To 2022 Dec 2018

2016 ()

sound yellow robe. Mandarin, a hint of exotic fruits, ginger snap feature on the nose, which comes forward well. It mixes zest with good fruit ripeness. The palate bears attractive richness, a suave texture from that ball of gras, with perky fringes that bring freshness, saltiness and a near spearmint close. This is a good, lively and typical Crozes blanc, makes a very good aperitif in a dentelle, toothsome style, or will do well with starters, chicken dishes, noodles. 12.5°. To 2019 Nov 2017

2015 ()

fine, shiny yellow. There is a soft mix of pear fruit and spring flowers on the nose, which is very orderly, has lift. The palate is on the instant, is brief: there is a mild display of white fruits with some pear, white strawberry, quince touches. But it’s lightweight against the domaine whites of this vintage, a tame offering. Aperitif style wine. 13.5°. To 2019 Oct 2016

2014 ()

yellow robe, shiny. Has a mild aroma that isn’t very deep: there is a hint of pear, bonbon, very light flan. It is rather neutral. The palate is soft, the texture appealing. It holds that supple, soft nature until a little crispness and clarity come forward at the end. This drinks now, and is OK for solo drinking as well. 13°. To 2017  Jan 2015


yellow robe. The bouquet gives a neat little ball of pear-peach, stewed fruits or compote, also shows a lightly floral touch with a hint of honey. This is a restrained, coherent, rather graceful nose. The fruit has a stewed, slightly high nature, but the palate overall is delicate over full, runs pleasantly. It ends with the offer of some grainy, salty effects. A light, tidy wine that drinks clearly, has sound length, and a Marsanne-inspired note of bitter-tang as it closes. More food than solo. An accurate example of white Crozes. 13°. To 2018 Jan 2015


pale flint colour; this has a classic Marsanne nose – hazelnut and nougat lead it, backed by white plum, lime, a note of melted butter: it is very true, very Marsanne. The palate links well to the nose. This is a genuine Crozes-Hermitage in style and grape variety. It is dentelle – toothsome -  racy, lovely, w.o.w. wine. It attacks on nut-peanut, has a briefly supple apricot middle, a tangy finale, with infused tea and vanilla strokes. There is a dry spot on the aftertaste, but it lingers very well, is good now. Drink with vegetable pastas, roast chicken in tarragon, steamed fish. Good at £13. 12.5°. To 2017 Nov 2013  Previously Nov 2012 *** (vat) pale. Easy drift aroma of pear and flowers on the nose. The palate runs on a gentle course, is ensemble, understated. To 2016.  Nov 2012


pale yellow. Has a waxen-flan air backed by a mix of white strawberry and apricot. The palate is low-key, mild, its acidity seeming low. A brief flavour of hazelnut turns up. There is a small note of late bitter, honeysuckle. Lacks cut. Has typical 2011 form to it. Plain wine. Drink now, with undemanding flavoured foods – cold chicken, turkey etc. Bottled 25 June 2012.  To mid-2014.  Nov 2012


flint yellow. Soft sweetness in the nose, which shows wax-varnish notes, is clean and approachable. There are two unusual elements – a peanut paste and a light tangerine air – and it is willing enough to be noticed. The prime flavour is hazelnut, the wine is soft all through. A low acidity vintage wine, always on the curve. It ends clearly, if a little tamely. Aperitif, or cold meats and salads. 13°. 2014. Nov 2010


bright pale yellow; rounded, rather creamy bouquet – soft flan or crème patisserie, vanilla airs, with bergamot in the background. This is fresh enough for the aperitif, is well assembled. It could be a bit wider after half way, but drinks agreeably solo. Hazelnut showing late on – this has a more rounded finale than the 2007. 13°. To 2012. Nov 2009


yellow pockets in the robe. The nose is evolving into supple, custard, crème patisserie territory, with a tick over of hazelnut to heighten it, also mandarin – very correct Marsanne bouquet here. The palate starts on the grip of the Marsanne, and there is a pebbly, nutty line through it, a touch of tannic wire at its heart, the bitter shades. It ends on that “bitter” tang, has local character. They suggest foods such as white meats with a sprinkle of lemon with this. It is still fresh enough to serve as aperitif wine. 12.5° To 2013 Nov 2009

2006 ()

pale robe; the aroma shows fruit that is advancing, rather than fresh, plus pear drop sweets. There is a supple start to the palate, without great body, and a light sprinkle of white fruits, again on the ripe side as seems now to be the policy. There is a past its youth feel to the fruit; has a light flan flavour, with some apple tart at the finish. Drink before 2010. June 2007


quite a pale colour; honey aroma, with some power, also baked fruit tart. Same theme on palate – a broad, quite full wine with a little power and heat. Has a sturdy nature thanks to the vintage. Drinks easily now – can be served for the aperitif. Clean finish. To 2009. Dec 2006

2004 ()

tangy, salty, nutty, banana aromas - good variety, with the cool backdrop of 2004. Hazelnut flavour, wine made in an unforced style, unlike many pumped-up white Crozes from 2004. Good grip, and Marsanne feel to it. A bit abrupt on the end, a pity it doesn't quite run the whole course. 2009. June 2006

2003 ()

hints of an oily content on bouquet, greengage fruit. Tangy, salted dried fruits attack, the freshness has been worked on here, is a little edgy. Better in 2006. 2008-09 March 2005