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The Wines

some 1970s, with 1980s Syrah, destemmed, pre-fermentation crop cooling, 10-18 day vinification, part vat emptying/refilling, twice daily pumping overs, cap punching, aged 70% vat, 30% used 400-litre oak casks 8-11 months, filtered, formerly called Les Nobles Rives, “drink with cold meats, charcuterie, sausages, grilled red meats, stews”, 1 million-1.8 million b


dark red; the nose has reduction, shows an aroma of stewed red fruits, plums, is a sweet opening. The palate has a flavour of mulled red berry fruits, raspberry notably, with flexible tannins on board. It ends roundly, is a safe, steady Crozes red, for country dishes, stews, pies. 13.5°. 2023-24 Nov 2019

2017 ()

full, dark red; stewed fruits, an ample blackberry air leads the nose, has the weight of the 2017 sun in it, a note of reduction. The palate drinks enjoyably, on the mark now, with squelchy black fruits that roll along well, the tannins very mild, the finish round. This will please. It’s well judged given its quantity. It won’t hurt to allow this a little air before drinking. Licorice comes through on thee aftertaste. 13.5°. To 2022 Dec 2018


clear dark red colour. The nose is calm and collected around blackberry, blueberry fruit, has a little inner sweetness. It’s a trim start. The palate bears neat black fruits with mild tannins, is a wine on restraint, a little low on “colour”, declaration. There is a little squeezy richness on the finish. It drinks fine now. Am I missing something here? 12.5°. To 2020 Nov 2017

2015 ()

(vat/casks) dark robe; the nose is still tight, has a black berry and licorice combo, is a compact affair. The palate bears dark fruits with tangy tannins that have a point of keen freshness. The aftertaste is a bit dry, spartan. Workmanlike Crozes, does the job, not more. I’d like a more rich close. 13°. From mid-2017. 2021 Oct 2016

2014 ()

(casks) dark red. The nose flashes with an immediate air of pine from its oak, has a fluid inner air of blackberry-raspberry fruit. The palate is soft, flourishes dark red berry fruit and a little note of perfume, ends quietly, lacks carry. OK, but workmanlike. A lot of Crozes cuvées are inevitably eating away at the previous heart of this wine. Early drinking. To 2019. Oct 2015


dark red. Good, clear fruit shows on the nose, which has agreeable depth, a small nutty note: it is a promising start. The palate is live on the attack, the fruit running freely with a note of pepper then a salt clarity late on. Very digestible. On the button for drinking now with clarity helping. It narrows a tiny bit, pinches in, on the close. Has life. 12.5°. 1 million bottles. To 2019  Jan 2015 

2012 ()

(casks) dark red; a spot of polished leather, oily semblance shows on the bouquet, which has a pretty round shape, has airs of black fruits, some dust. It is slightly austere and metallic. The palate has a direct kick-off – a roll of black berry, prune juice, some gras richness, sweetness. A workmanlike Crozes, not big on character. It is rather dilute late on, its tannins a shade brittle. 12.5°. To 2017  Nov 2013 Previously Nov 2012 *** (casks, malo not yet) good red; peppery, inlay of ripe and rich fruit on nose. The palate fruit rolls, extends carefully, tapers a little. Decent foundation. 2018-20  Nov 2012

2011 ()

(bottling in two months) cosy red robe, plum centre. Grainy, sparky first air – shows black berry, wee blueberry fruit, a note of black coffee, Brazilian cafezinho, tar notably – the bouquet is close to ready. The palate has a sweet undernote in its blackberry fruits; it departs punctually, arrives on a more grainy, tucked finale. Medium weight wine, easy to drink, and soon also – I am surprised it isn’t bottled. Its freshness will decline after 2015. Can be drunk solo. The end is crisp enough, but the content is a bit limited there. To 2015. Nov 2012

2010 ()

quite a dark red; fives a cooked plum front air on the nose, with a thyme, hay, spring flower scenting - a gentle start. The palate is well made up, all in harmony, the fruit rolling along well throughout. Good drinkability, and easy, effortless length. Has a soft finale, which is also pretty complete. To 2017. May 2012

2009 ()

three-quarter dark red; rather full nose, just past a flourish of youth; it is sustained as a 2009 should be; the fruit has an oily take. The palate delivers good, rather virile fruit; this has an ingrained richness, a southern lean. It drinks well now, its depth demanding dishes rather than solo drinking – Shepherds Pie, stews ideal. A lowish acidity wine, I suspect, so adapt the food to that. Keeps going soundly. 12.5°. 2014-15 Nov 2011

2008 ()

dark plum colour; mild, rounded, rather aromatic bouquet, showing well now. There are light coffee-game airs in with its black berry fruit. Brief but rounded fruit on the palate, a neat and simple package. It ends on floral notes, light violet. Drink in next 12 to 15 months, is a bit fragile at the end. In the old days, this would have been much more green and acidic. 12.5°. To 2012. Nov 2010


quite a deep black-red robe; there is secure depth in the black fruit on the nose – it is ripe and a little sweet, oak runs across it. The palate mixes a beef stock flavour in with its black fruit. A wine of good wide walls, and a pretty run through to some tarry, oak last exchanges. The oak finishes on top at the end, is rather forceful there. At least the fruit inside is clear, unlike many 2007 Crozes reds. Can go on with time. 2015-16 Dec 2008

2006 No Rating

pale red, evolving robe. Damp, bosky airs on the nose, its red fruit is dwindling. The palate is drying, the delivery limp. Disappointing. 12.5°. Nov 2009

2005 ()

there is a matt tone to the black-red robe; has a soft, mulled fruit aroma, with some licorice topping and a wisp of smoke. Has a supple, black jam flavour that is a little sweet. Tightens and becomes drier towards the finish. A respectable wine, given the amount produced. Its fruit is agreeable and easy. Best early, ie 2007-09. 12.5°. To 2011 June 2007

2004 ()

dusty style bouquet, some pepper present. Jam fruit on palate, holds a dark flavour with a peppered finale. Some end warmth, but shape is edgy, lacks comforting matter. The end is rather acrid, burnt. Tasted blind, but now I know the ID, I remember the 2 kilometre queue of tractors delivering crop in early September as the calm, stable weather that helped the vintage was about to start its 21 day run. To 2009. April 2006


advancing red robe; the nose mixes elements based around sweetness – griottes (soaked cherries), jam and prune. The palate is marked by squeezy, quite ripe fruit, delivered with a jam texture, the taste is plum-violet. Slightly short, tarry end. This is not going to improve much. To 2008 Dec 2006 Previously March 2005 *(*) soft, smoky blackberry nose. Scented fruit with fair early appeal. Dives away after, tightens and shows some tannin. Could have more character, is plain. Now to 2008. March 2005