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The Wines

80-100% Marsanne, 0-20% Roussanne, 33% from Clos Saint Georges on the west of Les Chassis, 67% from Les Marelles between Chanos-Curson and 7 Chemins, fermented, raised 92-100% steel vat, 0-8% oak 8 months, malo usually completed (not 100% in 2010-11), filtered, 12-23,000 b

2018 ()

attractive yellow robe; the nose produces exotic fruits, mango, pineapple chunks and lychee, out of its hat, is a bustling start. The palate holds suave richness, comes with a gingery note, apricot, citrus tang, carries fine acidity. It finishes with sufficient depth to accompany sauced white meats, poultry. It’s in the zone now, though can expand the second half with another winter under its belt. 13°. 12,000 b. 80% Mars, 20% Rouss. €16. From mid-2020. 2027-29 Nov 2019

2015 ()

pretty full yellow colour. The nose is ripely, exotically fruited, with pineapple segments leading the charge. There is a musky grapiness present. The palate exists on tropical fruits with a note of papaya at its heart, has a ripe peach display before the finish. There is carbonic gas along its path. It has a nugget of freshness, some saltiness, towards the close, where there is some drift due to the gas. A wine of sure mid-palate foundation, for good fish such as halibut, turbot. 12.5°. 17,000 b. €17 at the cellars. 2021-22 Oct 2016


shiny yellow colour. The nose is quiet but potentially stylish: there is a low-key air of hazelnut, oven roasted nut, a touch of apricot. It is broad. Decanting will aid this. The palate starts on a fresh delivery of white fruits, with grip and knuckle in the late stages, resembling a red wine there. This rocks along on cooked citrus elements, and will accompany sauced dishes well, pork and veal included. It is a gutsy Crozes blanc. 13.5°. 2021-23  Oct 2015

2013 ()

fine yellow robe. The nose is reserved, suggests early summer flowers and peach fruit, is round and rather delicate. The palate is shapely, drinks easily, skims along. It ends with a note of freshness. It is designed for early, open drinking, including the aperitif – and achieves that. It has a rather academic style – it isn’t a Crozes of the people. 13.5°. 80% Marsanne, 20% Rouss, all steel vat. €15 at the cellars. To 2019  Jan 2015 

2012 ()

shiny pale yellow; this has a notably Marsanne air, one of baked apple, hazelnut – the bouquet is wide, not forced, and authentic. This holds attractive content, body. It is an elegant Crozes-Hermitage blanc, with an appealing salty clarity along its spine, so it ends with good cut. Suited to precise dishes, steamed fish, aubergines, hors d’oeuvres, also the aperitif. This is a floating wine, one of ease more than grounded features. 13°. 2017-18  Nov 2013


medium yellow. Honey-ginger opening air backed by peach jam, dried apricot fruit airs. The palate has a fine Marsanne quality, a nutty thread along it. Apricot, peach and quince fruiting lead into a steady, assured grip. Fine Crozes white, easy float, precise. Can drink solo. Short-term wine, to 2016. 95% M, 5% R this year. Malo 25% completed. 13.5°.  Nov 2012

2010 ()

(vat, still on its lees, bottling Oct 2011) yellow/green tints. East scented nose, a little candy – it is round, displays a touch of cironelle, peach aand white flowers. The palate is also round – an easy access wine that picks up a clear note after half way, extends comfortably, has richness and some lip smack at the end. Suited to food, such as hors d`oeuvres, even oily fish such as mackerel. To 2015. “There wasn`t a lot of malic acidity in 2010 – so we blocked the malo on this, and gave back body to the wine as a result,” Jacques Grange. June 2011


Bottle 1 – corked. Bottle 2: modest yellow colour; peach-petrol combination on the nose, dried fruits, very typical. Honeycomb-apricot-vanilla ensemble on the palate, which is well-weighted and reaches into a chewy, rather gamey finale, lengthening on the ripeness of its fruit, almost a damp note given there. Suited to foods such as mushrooms with their earthy flavours. To 2017. 12.5°. June 2011

2008 No Rating

2 bottles tasted – lactic, acrid, acidity evident on both. Very strange after a promising nose that was buttery, pear, candy, light hazelnut. 13°. Dec 2009

2007 ()

full yellow robe; white fruits such as pear with some spicy lining and bonbon sweets circle the bouquet. There is mild roundness on the palate, which then gains bite and attitude as it goes, stiffens up into a saline aftertaste. Not quite settled as yet; its length is OK, but it is rather flat. From spring 2009. 14°. To 2011-12. Decant this. Dec 2008


yellow tones in the robe; buttery, mandarin aromas with baked fruit tart – a very primary bouquet. The palate has a doughty start, is a robust sort of wine with pretty deep lining. Late on shows tangy apricot and flan, with white raisin. Comes in a full style, but ends on a moderated note as it tightens, thanks to the Marsanne grip. A wine of decent character. 12.5°. 2013-14 Jan 2008

2005 ()

yellow, ripe robe; cooked, baked apple aroma, with ripe cropping in evidence – comes in the fat style and shows dessert brown sugar aromas as well. Full by design palate, with the late cropping producing plenty of matter, even though it’s a bit dumb today. New World style in a lower register – has low acidity but plenty of guts. Ends cleanly, this can tick along over time. Is a food wine – even Asiatic food, thanks to its Marsanne richness. 87% Marsanne, 13% Roussanne, all vat treatment this year. 2009-10 Dec 2006

2004 ()

fresh, alert nose - white fruits with some iodine, Marsanne character with honey. Exotic fruit start, the banana syndrome; weaves along nicely, is a bit short, but the flavour is simpatico. Mild, pleasant drinking now to 2009. April 2006


ripe pear aroma, fair depth. Agreeable, low acidity flavour, pear fruit. Texture quietly rich. Some hazelnut on finish. Agreeable wine, a little fleeting.

2002 ()

mild, soft fruit, floral bouquet. Appealing roundness, dried fruits flavour, sound length. An easy, soft drink, helped by Roussanne. Nice style - all one wants from Crozes blanc - aperitif as well as food.


sappy peach/butter nose; rounded flavour, tight, discreet almond finish.