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The Wines

50% Syrah crop from own vineyards at Mauves, 50% purchased Syrah from about 9 sources, mostly St-Jean-de-Muzols, rest from Champ Long at the south Mauves, a little Tournon, vines all worked by J-L Chave team, 2007 included Clos de l’Arbalestrier, mostly destemmed, 3 week vinification, cpap unching, pumping overs, aged 25% large 13 hl barrel, 75% 4-7 year 600 and 228-litre oak casks 12-14 months (until mid-2000s was 228-litre oak casks 18 months), fined, unfiltered, 26,600-40,000-60,000 b

2017 ()

shiny dark red; the nose reveals a gentle ripeness, black berry and mulberry with fine clarity, a cute coolness. The palate gives a rock-themed run of dark fruits, good life in the tannins. It continues freshly, ends in lip smacking manner. This does a lot of its work early on, is frank on that part - the attack. There is licorice, blackberry zap that interests. From spring 2021. 26,600 b, down from 46,600 b. J-L no longer works with J-C Marsanne, Courbis for this. Bottled two weeks ago. 2034-36 Dec 2019


red robe is bright and jolie. The nose is on flowers, rose hip, violet, with spice, raspberry fruits, a little curvy sweetness. This is well juiced around pure, crystalline fruit with real detail, lovely red fruit, clear and tinkling, inviting a second glass. This is w.o.w. St Jo – drink a sip before food to appreciate to the full its purity, its red fruits with a tiny note of tannic darkness. It holds high interest, ends well up, is a caressing wine. The rose hip develops on the palate as it airs. 13.5°. 2023-24 April 2018 Previously Dec 2015 ***(*) (tank, bottling in three months) ***(*) dark red. Crunchy, black fruit on the go features on the nose, which has reduction. The palate gives a swift run of black cherry, the fruit bright. This is a real streamlined effort. Easy, live drinking on the agenda. 8 years. (2nd tank) ***(*) quite a dark red. Blackberry, grilling, wee herbes de Provence sense on the nose. The attack is good and close-knit, which does most of the work for the palate. It is tighter and also more dense than the first tank wine. 9 years. (3rd tank) **** dark robe. Flowers and a close-knit aroma of black berries shows in a bouquet with a little mystery in it. This is good Saint-Joseph, with bright appeal fruit; the best of the three wines, delivers rocky fruit with sound foundation. This is the most properly St Jo of the three; its gras is enjoyable. 10 years. From spring 2017. 2023-25  Dec 2015

2013 ()

dark red, good lustre in the robe. Raspberry, frisky red berry fruit, nice and fresh, shows on the nose. It is still a bit closed, but is very perky. The palate captures the rocky cut of the year, moves with red fruits that have iron present. There is true granite thrust as it ends, with fine grain, noticeable tannins. It is still closed in. From 2018. 2027-29 Nov 2016 GB £140 12/b in bond Justerini & Brooks www.justerinis.com  Previously Dec 2015 ***(*) bottled last week: quite a dark red. Spice and prune aroma, crushed berries, latent game – this is an open and running bouquet. The palate holds trim fruit, starts quietly post bottling, shows quality via good length. It keeps going very steadily, with a final flourish. This moves well, has chunky middle. 53,000 b. 2023-25 Dec 2015 GB £140 12 b in bond Justerini & Brooks www.justerinis.com  Previously Jan 2015 *** various elements tasted one by one 1) tank, Champ Long *** dark red robe. Aromatic, flattering, open nose that bears raspberry fruit. The attack is soft, textured – this is supple wine. Its weight increases a little as it goes, and it holds mild but present tannins. It is very drinkable – it is like drinking, literally, vinified grapes. 7-8 years. 2) Paradis, Montagnon, Les Oliviers at Mauves & Tournon ***(*) open, prune and floral nose. The palate carries scented berry fruit; the tannins have a chalky quality, come in and show the effect of granite facing east. Has more structure than the previous. 8 years. 3) vat, St Jean de Muzols, La Roue, N & N-West facing *** blueberry, squid, inky airs. The palate fruit is cool, with fine, mineral drops. It ends a bit abruptly, though there is aroma in the wine. 4) steel vat, Mauves from J-C Marsanne *** sound red robe. Light tar and flowers show in a delicate nose, which centres on well defined red berry. This is light, pure, honest wine, with an easy to drink red berry at the helm. It is a bit simple but is attractive. The exit is clear. 6 years. OVERALL *** this will drink easily, will holds medium depth tannins, and will go well in the restaurant trade, offering options for barbecues and grills. Life to 2020-21  Jan 2015

2011 ()

red robe. Pork scratchings, red berry such as mulberry feature in a rather fat aroma. There is a light mineral thread in a quietly rocky and stylish wine. This is still tight in its own way. It fades a little at the end. Decanting a help. 13.5°. 2022-24  GB £140 12/b in bond or £16.46 Justerini & Brooks www.justerinis.com Nov 2015

2008 ()

(tank, from young Syrah on Chalaix, Champ Long (east facing, ex Dom Florentin) fair depth of robe. Quite bright nose, but struggles to sustain itself, has the pepperiness of a lesser vintage. The palate is rather stiff, straight, has just been put in this tank. Wee late vegetal touches. Pepper and licorice in the flavour. Evidently not a vintage of secure body. 7-8 years Dec 2009

2007 ()

mauve top, dark centre to robe. Blackberry, cherry, road tar aroma, with a waft of old, traditional rose flowers to lend fragrance. Likeable strike of fruit on the palate – this gives attractive black fruits, with “drink me” in it, is a w.o.w. wine. Has a good, tasty finale – the tannins are sympa, succulent in style. Nice, fresh length – this is indeed long. Now to 2012, especially, on to 2015 if you like. Dec 2009


just *** - matt plum robe, a “sober” side to it. Honey-butter-baked, tight licorice aroma. Pretty debut, a sharp tint of fruit, a good surge of flavour, black berries towards the finish, which is smoky, bacon-style. Led by the variety, the Syrah, rather than the place – fair, given its many sources. 2015-16 Dec 2010, Copenhagen Previously Dec 2008 *** full red robe; jam aromas – red and black fruits, with smoky bacon and some violet. The palate is a mix of black fruit and olives – its heart is supple, and the fruit extends well – it is nice and brisk, and finishes freshly. Lively wine for more early drinking than the domaine Saint-Joseph. From late 2009. There are some late tannins here, can drink until 2015-16. €7.50 – good value. Bottled only two days ago. Dec 2008


red, magenta colour; bountiful red fruits occupy a pretty and wide bouquet – they come with a smoky bacon, fresh top air and a waft of chocolate. There is a raspberry, notably peppery direct zing to this; the fruit holds up well – it is very bonny, full of life and charm. It grips firmly and steadily – has been well made. It straightens and runs truly. A polished, modern, suave wine. 2021-23 Jan 2009, New York

2003 ()

quite a dense and compact aroma with a chocolate tone and black stone fruits, leather. Still closed on the palate. Its 'brewed fruit' comes very much in the hot vintage style, and is reticent now. Half way between first flush and second phase. Touch of clear fruit on aftertaste, pretty rounded overall, but best for autumn drinking accompanied by hearty, seasonal flavours. To 2011-12. June 2006

2001 ()

quite warm, black fruit aroma, still tight. Tight-knit black fruit, has the structure to develop. Finishes well, some gamey aspects. Esp 2005 on. 2019-21


quite tight, peppery bouquet, upright style; violets on attack, live fruit expression, goes for and delivers straight fruit, not aiming a lot higher than that.


subdued bouquet, but has potential - dark, wild berry fruit; touch stretched on palate. Medium depth, quite clean. Barbecue wine.