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The Wines

30-60% Grenache Blanc, 30-40% Clairette blanche, 0-20% Viognier, 0-20% Roussanne from clay-limestone soils at Laudun, Chusclan, cool decantation, steel vat fermented at 16-17°C, wild yeasts, raised 9 months, malo blocked, organic wine, 35-40,000 b

2018 ()

fine yellow; the nose comes forward, gives pineapple, ripe white fruits, plums, dried apricots. The palate bears vintage richness, is immediate, has the depth for la table over aperitif. There is good fullness into the close. 13.5°. 30% Gren bl, 30% Clair. 20% Vio, 20% Rouss. To 2022 Dec 2019


fine yellow colour; ginger, snap airs hover above a ripe foundation on the nose, peach stone, white fruits, honey. an element of citrus. The attack is marked by a simmering note of carbonic gas freshness, the first impact, and this injected life runs through it. The flavour centres on tangy white fruits, nuttiness, and a sea salt closure. It’s not quite a whole – the degree on the label is 14°, meaning it’s 14.5°, and there’s the induced perlant bubbles presence, and the sturdiness of the content. It’s too weighted for the aperitif, and will accompany pork dishes, seafood pasta, for example. There is some late glow. 14°. 2024-25 Feb 2019

2016 ()

has a gleaming yellow robe. This has a notably nutty aroma, roasted hazelnuts in the lead, with dried fruits, apricot behind. It’s a compact bouquet. This attacks well via a juicy debut, runs with mandarin, citrus threads, builds a honey-lime finish. There’s a nutty theme along the palate as well, and peach touches on the late fruit. Some carbonic gas peps it up, and gives a perlant feel. It makes a joli aperitif wine, thanks to its neat fruit. 13.5°. To 2020 Dec 2017


yellow colour. The nose is quietly floral, has a light aniseed, peach air, white plum present. It needs to breathe. The palate gives dried fruits, peach and apricot nestling into it. There is pep from the carbonic gas towards the finish, and it is live (Frenc word vif) from the gas. It tapers on the close. Easy come, easy go wine. 13.5°. To 2019 Oct 2016

2014 ()

pale yellow robe. The nose puts on a big show – pear, apricot, plenty to entertain. The palate works en finesse: this is really drinkable, w.o.w. wine suited to the aperitif and light dishes. Neat gras and freshness make it very easy to drink. The flavour leads on peach, and there is a late note of iodine clarity. 13.5°. To 2019  Oct 2015

2013 ()

yellow robe. Has an alert, citrus-influenced bouquet, a breezy air with apricot skin and almost an air of grapefruit present. The palate is also fresh, pretty direct, lengthens with a steady hand. There is a note of aniseed in it, and infused tea such as camomile. Bonny wine, full of beans. 13°. €6.50. 2018-19  Jun 2015 

2012 ()

shiny, low-key yellow robe, legs. The bouquet has an agreeably rounded top air, brioche and cooked pear along with lime, acacia flowers, light ginger. This is a handsome nose. There is a bonny give in its white fruits that resemble peach, and there is a walnut tang in them. Calm, measured wine that deserves fine cooking, scallops, for instance, also good with brandade, fish in chives. Stylish, can also be drunk solo, a good quality to have. 13°. 2017-18  Oct 2013  Previously May 2013 *** shiny, pale yellow. Fresh, cooked apple air with more robust smudges of pineapple and banana, cooked lime. The palate starts with a taut, direct flash of white fruit, ending clearly as the fruit moves to a more nutty angle. This has local weight inside it. Best with foods – soft cheese, vegetarian spaghetti. Has body, and a glow on the aftertaste. 13°. To 2016  May 2013

2011 ()

pale yellow, some legs. Sherbet lemon, cashew nut aroma, has quite style and coherence, local feel. There are outcrop influences – mint. Fennel, licorice. The palate is shapely, mixing clear fruit with a gras that is discreet, holds well. Has a nutty flavour, dried fruits such as apricot, greengage. There is a hint of petrol on the aftertaste. Interesting, STGT wine. 14°. To 2017  Oct 2012