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The Wines

Viognier from plateau lands at Saint-D├ęsirat, purchased wine, steel vat fermented, raised 9-10 months, malo blocked, first wine 2015, 4-7,000 b

2018 ()

pale yellow; the nose is restrained, offers pear fruit with wax, floral hints. The palate gives a burst of tropical fruits, a good mingling of pineapple, mango, papaya on the finish, musky, grapey notes there. There is a line of carbonic gas through it. It’s a real crowd pleaser, can serve for the aperitif, its exuberance well liked. 13.5°. 2021 Dec 2019


pale yellow. Refined nose, a soft pear with apricot. The palate drink neatly, as an aperitif is ideal given low degree and clear freshness. White fruits, pear with white plum feature, and very mild content, skims a bit. 12°. 4,000 b. To 2019 Nov 2017


yellow robe. An apricot aroma leads a rather bold and upfront nose, along with ripe greengage plum, a spot of vanilla. The palate is nice and lively, skims along well, gives an attractive aperitif. It finishes a little early. The flavour centres on peach stone, pear skin. It is fresh wine. 13.5°. 1,500 b. €9.50 at the cellars. To 2019 Oct 2016