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The Wines

Syrah from 40-45% Les Bruyères, 20-25% Les Pichères, both at Beaumont-Monteux, 25% Le Grand Courtil at Mercurol, 5% Larnage, from 2015 5% from granite at Crozes-Hermitage, destemmed, 4 week vinification, pumping overs, part vat emptying/refilling, raised 75% concrete vat, 25% 1,200-litre oak casks (bought new in 2016) & 1-2 year 600-litre oak casks 6-7 months (until 2016 75% Concrete vat, 25% 4-5 228-litre oak casks 6-7 months), then all raised concrete vat another 4-5 months, “we want to favour the gourmandise of the fruit”, unfined, filtered, biodynamic grapes & wine, 10-26,500 b


(casks, bottling June 2020) full red; the nose has a gently ripe air of blackberry fruits, a neat centre to it. The palate has a breezy nature, is lined with black fruits that are firm, embedded with a little oak sweetness, and quite thick tannins. It’s one to set aside for a couple of years, is a little arm’s length in style. From late-2021. 2032-34 Dec 2019

2017 ()

(casks) dark robe; the bouquet is closely sealed together around black fruits, notes of bacon. The palate gushes easily on the attack, the fruit carries good life, and lasts pretty well into a mild finish, just a dab of powdered tannin there. There is a lip-smacking aftertaste. This is genuine, and agreeable to drink in a well measured way, ideal with duck breast, for example.  2026-27 Jan 2019

2016 ()

(casks, bottling end Nov 2017) dark red. Restrained bouquet, with potential, shows a floral, curvy display of red fruits, hint of licorice. The palate is also tender, with a softness that runs through it well, ending in a little rocky clinch. Nicely detailed, aromatic Crozes, has a good feel about it. 26,500 b. From mid-2018. 2022-23 Nov 2017


(casks) shiny, dark full red robe. There is a tender opening above the nose, with a softly floral hover, bright black berries, black lozenges in terms of ripeness. The palate gives an immediate strike of dark fruits, a salted stretch, live tannins. Pinpoint black cherry here. It moves well, rocks on Tommy. There is good crunch on its long and well sustained close. It has interesting vigour, length. This is well structured wine. 20,000 b. From 2019. 2030-31 Oct 2016

2014 ()

dark red robe. Has a curvy, Pinot-esque aroma with a nicely rich interior, violets from the granite part of it, black berries, black cherry, light reduction. It is a stylish nose. The palate is entertaining, holds lively black fruit with fine grain tannins. The good, lucid fruiting captures the year well. Its tannins are salted, need another 15 to 18 months. 13.5°. 10,000 b. 2026-28 Oct 2016 Previously Oct 2015 ***(*) (vat/cask, bottling Dec 2015) dark red robe; jolly blackberry fruit, forward aroma, easy come, easy go, open. The palate holds trim black berry fryuit with a little smoky tannin, settles nicely towards a clean finish. A little black olives presence is typical Of Beaumont. Nicely loose, so drinks without fuss. Has a clear close, pretty pure fruit. 10,000 b. From mid-2016. 2022-23  Oct 2015