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The Wines

70-85% Grenache, 10-30% Syrah, 0-5% Cinsault, 0-2% Mourvèdre, purchased wine, destemmed, 3 week steel & concrete vat vinification up to 28-30°C, cap punchings, pumping overs, 1 part vat emptying/refilling, steel vat raised 6 months (down from 12-14 months), unfined, filtered, first wine 2006, 120,000 b


level red robe; has a raspberry jam, sweet-noted aroma, cooked plums also, is a bit basic, gives a sense of notably thick grape skins. The palate holds a raspberry, red berry flavour, some tannic darkness. It ends on the dry side, which is its main drawback. The finale is dry, not together. 14.5°. To 2022 Feb 2019

2016 ()

dark plum red robe. Black cherries, black cherry coulis and blackberry feature prominently in a sweet-toned nose, prune touches from the ripeness of the summer. It has a simple openness. The palate is tasty, fuelled by black berry fruits with squeezy sweet richness, close to jam, inset. There’s a nutty dab on the aftertaste, low key spicing through it; the fruit is bright, and this will provide good drinking for grills, stews, the bonus being some local character beyond anything mass produced. Bonny drinking. 14°. To 2022 Jan 2018


shiny dark red colour. There are black cherries a-plenty on the nose, soaked in style, fiesta time here. It also has a cool-tin note. The palate is spiced-peppery; crisp black fruit runs through it, with tight tannins at the end, a bit stark they are. This is OK but workmanlike, correct, taut wine. It is 70% Gren, 30% Syr, more often is 80-20. Bottled July 2016. €6.50.  From spring 2017. 2021-22 Oct 2016


red robe; soft strawberry air, a little breeze and bite. The palate is easy to drink, red berries with a small saline touch. Good, fresh finish, which plays an important role, to bring the desire for a second glass. 13.5°. To 2019  Oct 2015


sober, matt plum colour. The nose combines spice and a cooked raspberry, gives a brief flash of gras, is broad enough. The palate sets off with spice, is drinking in a mature state today, very much Grenache-led. It isn’t very deep. The aftertaste involves cloves, cinnamon, a rose-hip note. Has an Olde World charm. 14°. €6.50. To 2017  Jun 2015 

2010 ()

quite a dark red robe; cooked red fruits air here, an oily, southern take with a sense of laurel and rosemary, a cocoa and mocha touch. A wide bouquet. The palate is now at a soft, pliant stage, with still some youth in its tannins. It grips well late on. Modern style, suited to foods such as meat pastas. Holds good crunchy dark fruit. 14°. 2018-19  June 2013


sound, quite full red robe; has a black pepper nose, backed by black cherry – it starts with a direct shape, but softens with air. The palate carries live red fruit, and lives on a zesty platform: it ends tightly, grainily. From late summer 2008 for more roundness, has just been bottled. To 2011. Jan 2008

2005 ()

quite a full red; there is blackberry with a touch of spice on the nose – it is quite broad and clear, shows licorice, too. The palate hits off with berry fruit that is clear in tone – it has a brisk feel, its tannins evident. Both 2005 and 2006 have a grainy feel. The end is peppered. A direct wine, not from the “how to charm people” school. Late on, there is a feel of extraction, a somewhat dry texture. 2012-13 Jan 2008