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LVT 2018 r  2018 wh Traditional wines that are not easy to find because of the limited supply and the fact that some of the production is shared between the three brothers, none of whom works on the domaine. The basis for the wine is Les Plantiers (aka Le Vignon), at the foot of Les Bessards, next to the railway line. There is more destemming than chez their brother Marc Sorrel, aiming for a supple style. In 2017 they left the stems on, given the completely trouble-free harvest. The white is made from Marsanne that none of the brothers saw planted, and used to grow in every other row with pear and peach trees in between, also on Les Plantiers.

Brothers Jacques, Jean-Michel, Bruno Sorrel 24 rue de l'Hermitage 26600 Tain l'Hermitage

Tel: +33(0)475 07 84 84

Countries exported to:1) USA

Percentage Exported: 50%

British Importers: Germany: Michel Fischer

USA Importers: Wineberry America LLC (a 2016 order) 107 E31st St #9 floor New York NY 10016 +1212 481 0322 www.wineberry.com contact@wineberry.com