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The Wines

100% Marsanne (1990) from Limony, own vineyard crop, decanted at 10 degrees, no destemming from 2006, now oak not vat-fermented, in 20% new, 40% each 1-2 yr oak, (younger oak than before 2006, was 1-2 year oak) raised 9 months, lees stirred since 2005, 10,000 b


fine yellow robe; the bouquet assembles grapey- apricot, pear airs with a marked note of fennel. It’s an open start. There is New Wave lightness on the palate, a flavour of white fruits, pear, white plum. It shows a little late grip, is easy going, can be drunk solo for the aperitif. 13.5°. €14.50. To 2022 Dec 2019

2006 ()

yellow tints in the robe; there is some white fruit ripeness in the nose, a little flan-custard, with airy notes: this is not a real grabber, shows high tone, toast and oak. The palate weaves along with a light fruit effect – honey-pineapple. Another wine of limited late richness or content - it just floats away. It never gets set on the palate – it glances rather than looks properly at the drinker. To 2013 May 2008 Previously Nov 2007 *(*) honeyed, mild nose with some quiet, light spice. Supple start to the palate, has no real defining points, moves along quietly. Shows a touch of burn late on, reflects young vines. No real stamp here, is a workmanlike wine. Nov 2007


upright form to the nose, with high tone varnish and a little spice: it is hard to get at what is really here. Rather fleeting palate, with traces of honey, but again, a lack of depth and imprint. Rather neutral. There is some wire in it from the Marsanne. To 2010. Nov 2007 Previously Dec 2006 ** marked yellow; oak on top bouquet – broad and pretty rich foundation to it, has an air of amontillado. Chewy, salty, slightly tannic, oaked texture. The fruit isn’t showing much now. A bigger scale wine, by demand of those in charge of the cellar. Clumsy, if I have to say it. 2009-10 Dec 2006 Previously June 2006 (cask) * mild, light honey nose, with some iodine. The fruit is live, runs narrowly rather than in a fleshy manner. Hard to access its heart – is over oaked, and judging it today is not easy. The usual Marsanne richness is not evident here – lacks charm and terroir. June 2006


mild, buttery nose, with a little floral presence, then a touch of mineral.It has a modest, understated and gentle flavour, without great spark. It is easy, clean drinking, and quite typical Marsanne with its hint of bitter and dried fruits at the end. 2009-10 June 2006

2003 ()

mixed, smoky bouquet - spice, lavender, mint, flowers. Evenly-weighted, with style. Grows gradually through palate, ends nicely chewy. Rather a red wine structure. Charming young, interesting. Persists well, hazelnut aftertaste. 2008-10

2002 ()

yellow tints; quite true Marsanne, with oxidative notes. Biggish scale, worked wine on palate, crop was late picked. Not very sustained. No real long-term future.

2001 ()

buttery, broad bouquet; creamy textured wine, some light apricot. Could have more cut, is a bit plain.


overt ripe fruit, heavy, apricot bouquet. Bonbon taste, also rather burnt. Butterscotch, then rather empty end. Could show more length from 2004.


almost a crème brulée aspect on the wine, the oak is apparent and wine is heavy.

1998 ()

pear/bonbon nose, palate has sweet tone, attack is OK.


fat, low acidity wine, tenuous grip. Early on was better.


bought-in wine, note. Straw colour, some Roussanne present. Palate - friendly richness, full, some citrus, clean. Fair degree of elegance, clean extract of flavours on finish, fruit skins.