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The Wines

34-50% Grenache, 30-33% Mourvèdre, 20-33% Syrah at Roquemaure from siliceous-limestone soils, hand harvested, destemmed, 2-3 week vinification of varieties together, pumping overs, oak cask & vat raised 12 months, fined, filtered, “drink with red meats, Mediterranean cuisine, strong cheese”, 40,000-130,000 b


dark red robe; the bouquet shows reduction, needs air. Raspberry with some concentration, essence leads it, sunny ripeness in its depth. There is more variety to come. The palate has inner strength, gives a sustained content, has a coated texture above its grounded sureness. It’s a large wine with a polished outer, is well filled all along its route. The aftertaste reflects a hint of oak, is lip smacking, thorough. I like its persistence, which comes from within. 14.5°. 40,000 b. 50% Grenache, 30% Mourvèdre, 20% Syrah. €13 at the domaine. From late-2021. 2028-29 Oct 2020

2017 ()

sound red robe; the bouquet is sweet and curvy, on red fruits with a touch of spicing. It’s already pretty settled. The palate holds sweet, savoury content, with a fleshy aspect to the red fruits, rows of strawberries in mind. There are some lip smacking tannins to finish. There are notes of oak caramel in it. It doesn’t carry a big future, gives regular drinking as it stands, has a homely nature. 14°. 40,000 b. 34% Gren, 33% Syr, 33% Mourv. €12.50. From mid-2019. 2027-29 May 2019

2016 ()

dark red robe. Has an orderly, restrained bouquet that centres on cooked, sweet blackberry fruit, wisps of florality hovering. The palate debuts on juicy, flowing fruit along with supple tannins that bend into its waves well. It’s just a little arm’s length in style, not so much a hand made feel here. It could be more full, solid on the rather quiet second half, but does a sound job for roast beef, stews, daube. There’s a sense of black olives on the aftertaste. 14°. €5.40 export. 2027-29 Aug 2018

2015 ()

full, dark red colour; spiced, smoky air, cooked black fruits at the centre of the bouquet. The palate is well spiced, with live tannins, minting from them, and a flavour that involves prune fruit, stewed plums. It’s currently between its restrained, discreetly stylish gras richness and the relative rigour of the tannins from this dry vintage, so will be best left until late-2019. The wait will develop its fruit side further, and will soften the closing texture. 14°. 2028-30 Oct 2018

2014 ()

shiny dark red. This has a willing, curvy bouquet that offers stylish black cherry with a hint of rosemary and dried herbs. The palate channels enjoyable black stone fruits and sleek tannins that finely increase its depth towards the finish. Cool, tasty wine - w.o.w. hits town – the fruit is lovely. There is a nice nudge of tar on the sign-off. 13.5°. €5.10. 2020-21  Feb 2016


bright, full red. The nose isn’t fully open, is nutty, has a nutshell air ahead of a limited point of black fruit. Nicely liquid black fruit emerges after a cautious start; this has good grip, and ends on a mix of gras and smoky tenacity. Air aids the nose, bringing it together. A good, solid Lirac that has a little wild energy, drive, some dry points and heat  as well. There is a pepper-spice wildness in it, a touch rough n’ready, plenty of humps and hillocks as it travels. 14.5°. From 2014. 2022-24  May 2013

2009 ()

quite a full red; rather angular, stemmy, black coffee air. The palate is similar – fenced in by prominent acidity, the fruit never flourishes, finishes tautly. Not going to gain ground. Need another bottle. July 2011

2006 No Rating

dark robe; crunchy, nutty black fruit and raisin aroma, some elegance in it. Carbonic gas dominates the palate, making it difficult to taste; the fruit is lithe, on the go. Tucked up for now- not showing gras. Return in 2008 – too difficult to judge right now. June 2007


wisps of black berries on a bouquet that is full of potential – an oily black berry, some meatiness – for now, it broods in its corner. A mix of raspberry and mulberry starts the palate, comes with a gourmand texture and taste. There is good acidity to leave a clean red fruit finish in a savoury surround. A great combo of varieties used here. Good length and balance. Its core is rich, just a point that its tannins are a bit stretched on the finish where there is tar in the final flavour. From 2008. 2020-22 June 2007