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The Wines

0-50% Grenache blanc, 0-52% Roussanne, 0-20% Clairette blanche, 20-27% Picpoul, 5-8% Viognier, 0-13% Ugni blanc, 0-5% Bourboulenc from stony red clay-sandy soils at Roquemaure, crushed, 12-24 hour cool decantation, 2 week vinification at 14°C, underground vat raised 5 months, malo blocked, filtered, “drink with goat cheese, fish in sauce, sardines, sea food stew”, 8,700 b


yellow robe; the bouquet has a zesty top air, notes of sherbet lemon, infused herbal tea, peach, has a direct shape. The palate is also alert, springy, carries squeezy gras at its centre, white fruits, ending roundly, safely, just a bit of bite on the aftertaste. There is carbonic gas here and there, with a slight perlant effect from that. It drinks openly, and has the body to accompany quiche, vegetarian spaghetti, soft cheese. The acidity of the Picpoul has aided it. 13.5°. €11 at the domaine. 2022-23 OOct 2020


yellow robe; the bouquet has size, is upright, not yet fully formed. There are notes of nectarine, cooked limes. The palate is discreetly muscular, has a good heartbeat, bears nicely solid content, a good couch of flavour with white fruits, peach and apricot, on offer. There is a citrus tang on the finish, a note of tannin there. This is well made, genuine Lirac blanc with good, steady length. White meats, pork on the agenda for it. 14°. 2024-25 May 2019

2017 ()

steady yellow colour. Jungle fruits, liberated aroma that gives mango, pineapple with a racy surge; it catches the attention, is broad and live. This drinks well, via tasty white fruits such as peach-nectarine, grapiness and honey mixing late on, notes of infused tea, camomile, on the aftertaste. It gathers a little tang, grip on the finish, has the depth for fish such as red mullet, is a good cocktail of fruits. There’s a very slight sense of degree. It’s showing well now. 14.5°. 8,700 b. 52% Roussanne, 27% Picpoul, 13% Ugni blanc, 8% Viognier, a much changed blend this year, notable for the absence of Grenache blanc. To 2021 Sept 2018


yellow robe, with shine. Pear fruit, dried fruits, peach lead the nose, which has a little southern fat. The palate expresses apricot, white plum, with a little grip. It’s an easy southern white, some spicing to pep up the finish. It’s pretty genuine, is a rounded table wine. 14°. To 2019 Sept 2017