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The Wines

0-40% Roussanne (1995, clay-limestone soils), 20-40% Viognier (1997, clay-limestone soils), 20-80% Grenache blanc (1992, sandy soils), machine harvested between 4 am and 9 am, from 2006 vintage some Viognier and a little Roussanne can be new oak cask fermented, raised with lees stirring, rest – 80-100% - concrete vat fermented at 12°-14°C, raised 5-6 months - assembled end December, bottled Feb-March, malo blocked, filtered, “drink with fish cooked in sauce, aperitif”, 8-9,000 b


fine yellow robe. Has a candy, low temperature fermentation aroma, more in the cellar than the vineyard: this is a technical start. There is also and air of pear drops, bonbons, a little infused herbal tea. The palate is in the same vein: it is tight, candified, and not really grapey. The finish is firm. 13.5°. Unusually, this is 80% Gren bl, 20% Vio this year – no Roussanne and a lot of Gren blanc. €8. To 2017  Apr 2015


pale yellow; a mandarin aroma features in a nicely rounded nose, a backdrop of pear that hums agreeably. It is a clear and discreetly broad start. The palate is suave, has evolved calmly, is close to its best now. The white stone fruits have a supple texture, and the length is sound. Cold chicken, spring vegetable pastas good with this. There is a small note of infused tea on the quiet finish. 13.5°. 8,000 b. €8. 40% Rouss, 40% Vio, 20% Gren bl. To mid-2016.  Apr 2015

2012 ()

pale flint robe; lime fruit aroma emerges after a burn off of SO2, then pear drop, acetate. It is crisp and steely nut, has sound heart. The nose develops flowers, white peach, pear skin as it airs. The palate is similar to the nose – crisp and modern on the attack. A technical more than natural wine that is close-knit; it has gras, but is more free in its expression, less strictly controlled. It softens into white fruit jam as it breathes on the palate. 13.5°. €3.80 ex cellars. To 2015  Sept 2013

2011 ()

steady, mild yellow robe. Has a light air of banana, cooked pear and apricot – this is an orderly but tempting bouquet. The palate is easy to drink, possesses good acidity, a stylish freshness, and lengthens effortlessly. Anis and white plum come through on the finish, which is well achieved. Charming and open wine with nice length. 13°. €4.15 export is VALUE. 9,000 b. 2016-17  June 2013

2010 ()

pale, flinty colour. Acetate, pear drop sweet air, the nail varnish aspect comes through, also latent power. The palate is also on a baked, “plastic”, stretched run. It ends firmly, needs food. Oak traces on finish. A bit constructed, cobbled by numbers, lacks natural virtues. Disappointing this year. 13°. 2014. April 2011


flowery, open nose – combines green apple, fruit tart, breezy lime, really good. Apricot fruit, baked tart – roundness rules here. It runs on well and steadily. It is a child of 2009, with its abundance, and has been faithfully delivered. 13°. 2012-13 July 2010

2007 ()

yellow robe. Banana-pineapple aroma with a nutty, slight oak back drop, spice notes. This has a good constitution – is well rolled-up, harmonious. Pretty elegance here. Good now – aperitif or light flavours ideal. Honeyed aftertaste, is long Good acidity and life. 2010-11 Feb 2009.


nicely generous, open bouquet with a little of the exotic about it – pineapple, also flan and spice. Hints of oak on the attack – this has good fat and its length is smooth and soft. Nicely stylish wine – good solo or with simply flavoured foods, but up to a mussel dish served with light spices. Chicken also suitable. Mainly for early drinking. There are agreeable nutty sides to this, and the finish has some floral notes. 13°. 2008-09 Nov 2006