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LVT  2018 wh  2017  r  A traditional domaine with some sound reds in the past. It has become a good name, even if some prices may be a little high, and is a blue blood of the vast, rolling Plan de Dieu. The domaine was started in 1920 by Casimir Barbaud, 18 hectares largely dedicated to mulberry trees, for the silk trade, and a small plot of vines. He built a cellar, and vinified his own harvest. His son Maurice took the domaine to the next level, with fruit and grapes. His son Jean-Paul took over in 1976, and concentrated on wine, first bottling the 1978 vintage. His daughter Céline started in 2010, and commenced organic practices in 2012, which became official in 2015. The proportion bottled is rising; there is 900 hl possible, with some of that sold in bulk.

The vineyards are in just two plots – 17 hectares at Violès for the Côtes du Rhône, and 8 hectares at Travaillan for the Plan de Dieu. The secret weapon here is the 1960s Mourvèdre, which serves the classic Plan de Dieu extremely well, giving it real quality. The other Plan de Dieu, Les Brigands, is over-oaked – two-thirds new.

The Côtes du Rhône range Les bons moments is the successful easy drinking selection of red, white and rosé. The 2018 white, 25% each Roussanne, Marsanne, Viognier and Clairette blanche, was a ***(*) w.o.w. wine. There are two superior Côtes reds, the Grandes Terres in 2016 a **** V wine, up to Villages standard. Then there is the 100% mid-1930s Carignan called Carino Mio, made by macération carbonique – the **** 2017 fresh, attractive and correctly floral for a Carignan.

The family also have a cottage to let and a camping site.

Céline Barbaud, father Jean-Paul Les Grandes Terres 1349 route d`Orange 84150 Violès

Tel: +33(0)490 70 94 64



Percentage Exported: 4%

British Importers: N/R

USA Importers: N/R