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LVT 2014 r 2013 wh  A domaine in the southern zone, where, after improvement in the early 2000s, some of the elegance seems to have gone walkabout in the 2012-2014 vintages. Exports are down, and having had up to three sources in GB, now there are none. Since 2006 there have been two new wines, derived from the old Vieilles Vignes wine that was elegant and structured, not a big hitter; living well over 12-15 years. One is pure southern zone, Bassenon, where the wines are soft and scented, the other is northern zone schist, the Côte Rozier, with more snap and mystery about it.

Frédéric, Stéphane, father Guy Bernard RN86 69420 Tupin et Semons

Tel: +33(0)474 59 54 04


Countries exported to:1) Luxembourg & Belgium 2) Switzerland 3) USA in 2011 was: 1) GB 2) Luxembourg 3) USA 4) Switzerland – before was 1) USA 2) Great Britain 3) Swit

Percentage Exported: 15%, down from 20%, down from 40%

British Importers: N/A

USA Importers: Kermit Lynch Berkeley CA