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The Wines

75-80% Grenache, 15-20% Syrah (both mid-1960s), 0-5% Mourvèdre (introduced in mid-2010s) from clay-limestone with blue clay subsoils on Pisan, La Montagne on Le Pas de Meunier slope between Rasteau and Roaix, destemmed, 18-26 day vinification in large 85 hl oak vat, wild yeasts, a few pumping overs, a little cap punching, raised large 12 hl, 30-40 hl barrel, 228-litre oak casks & large 85 hl oak vat 12 months (before late 2010s raised longer: 228-litre oak casks & large 85 hl oak vat 12 months, then large 30-40 hl barrel 6 months), unfined, filtered, organic, biodynamic wine, has risen from 35-66,500 b to 80,000 b


red robe; mulled raspberries, liqueur tones to the fruit which is frank on the nose – it has a straightforward, rather primeur style. The palate serves soft red fruit, supple tannins, is rather New Wave, looks North for its inspiration. It has just enough body for its degree, which is 15° on the label [add up to 0.5°, thus]. There is a small cluster of tannin and chewiness on the finish. It’s easy drinking. 80,000 b is a rise on previously known amounts. Bottled Oct 2019. €17 at the cellars. 2029-31 Feb 2020

2017 ()

dark red; the bouquet has a mild air of scented blackberry fruit, a note of sweet cooked plum below. It’s very controlled. The palate bears easy access black fruits with supple tannins, gives a little darkness in its late charge, a finish with sound content present. It’s straightforward, pretty true Rasteau, with some charm in the fruit, is ready now. 15°. 80% Gren, 17% Syr, 3% Mourv. 2027-29 Mar 2019


full, dark red, good lustre in the robe. The bouquet carries salting, iodine in its black fruits’, black cherry aroma, which serves to pep it up. Beyond the fruit there is a note of herbes de Provence, licorice. The palate starts tightly, but is lucid, has attractive freshness in its fruit, very good delineation, is a naked sort of wine, has been made with a light touch. This has proper structure, a real frame for the future, which will allow it to grow into itself, expand and open. For now, the finish is sealed, with a note of thick gras there. This will be a stylish, clear Rasteau once it is aged further – another two-plus years is recommended, since there is good longevity ahead. 14.5°. Bottle no 14884. 2035-37 Nov 2020

2015 ()

(vat) dark red colour. Blackberry and rasp berry mingle on the nose, with a quietly sweet appeal, a tender note of flowers enhancing it. The palate gives enjoyable, lively and clear fruit, red cherries and strawberries, with a fresh line towards the finish. Good, clear fruit is its ace card. 14.9°. 75% Gren, 15% Syr, 5% Mourv. From 2018. 2028-30 May 2016

2014 ()

fair red robe. The nose is a mixed bag of edgy red berry fruit, plum stones, has a sparky, bosky side to it. The palate gives more assured content on the start than  the finish, which tends to taper and show some dryness in the tannins. Not sure how well sorted, how ripe the crop was here. 14.5°. 35,000 b. 80% Gren, 20% Syr. €6.70. To 2020  May 2016 


decent red robe. Grilled, slightly stretched red fruit tendency on the nose; the. palate has a chalky nature, with red garden fruit within, the chalky tang never far away. The finish develops a minted, menthol angle. It is a bit loose along the palate, but can fuse a little more. 14.5°. 51,000 b. €6.70 export. From 2016. 2023-25  Apr 2015

2012 ()

medium depth red; mixed berry fruits show on the nose, and come with a savoury appeal, a brewed aspect. The palate is well lined with a rolling, mid-weight richness, its tannins well orchestrated, the finish clean. A very sound Rasteau, in the zone now. It offers local appeal, is authentic, STGT wine. It reaches out well on the finish. 14.5°. 50,000 b. €6.70 export. 2024-26  Apr 2015, Rasteau  Previously March 2015 ***(*) medium depth red, legs down the glass. The nose gives a strawberry air with appealing clarity, along with pepper. It is tucked quite closely together on the palate, with some fine punch in its tannins. It is still quite square in shape, but floral nudges appear in a more tender finale. 14.5°. 2023-25  March 2015


dark robe; menthol, black berry fruits, licorice airs. The palate is nicely balanced, with the black fruit running well, and good, restrained fullness and direction. STGT wine – this is a good example of slope Rasteau, exhibiting some of the power of those vineyards. It finishes on brisk, live dark tannins. From mid-2013. 14.5°. 2027-29 May 2012

2009 ()

steady, authentic Grenache plum colour; this has a curvy bouquet, containing shiny plum fruit, a sprinkle of lavender, tea infusion such as verveine (verbena) – an authentic nose. It drinks well now: there is a restrained display of Grenache which parades soft, nicely fat qualities. It reaches out well. Versatile with foods thanks to its balance and poised, lingering red fruit, is w.o.w. wine. Bottled March 2011. €12. 35,000 b this year. 14°. 2022-24 Feb 2012 Previously Oct 2010 ***(*) (barrel) full red, with a beckoning purple. Has abroad, sunny, sweet aroma, its ripeness steering it towards raisin, prune, blackberry jam, aniseed influences. There is a consecutive link between nose and palate: generous black fruit lies in a still wrapped-up content. This has a good future in prospect, is a mini Châteauneuf-du-Pape with out the herbal complexity. Holds successful, clean fruit, and takes its probably 15° well. Has fine, but definite length, and the finish is really very fine, punches above its category. A polished wine, from spring 2012. €12. 35,000 b this year. 2021-23 Oct 2010


(magnum) the red is still thorough. Good, open bouquet – honey, date, black raisin, sweet notes, wee cocoa – it is nice and fat. There is a swirling richness on the palate, which has plenty of texture, is suave and friendly. There is really genuine, concentrated Grenache plum fruit, and local drifts such as leather, herbs. Good length – indeed, very attractive persistence. Accomplished, Proper Wine. 2022-24 for this magnum, less for bottle: 2020-22 May 2012 Previously Dec 2009 ***(*) largely full, dark robe; mulled red fruits, curvaceous aroma, good baked plains impact, along with licorice. The palate is well textured, offers a good run of rounded fruit, good Grenache style here, delivered with sweet appeal. Length is good. 14.5°. 2020-22 Dec 2009

2005 ()

full, quite dark red robe; baked, lateral aroma that bears dark fruits, has a good, pebbly heat in it. The palate is on the button – there is a steady couch of matter, the tannin is still there, and it is not angular at all. Well-filled and stylish – more than most. 2020-22 March 2009

1993 ()

fair red colour, some depth. Heat, agreeable depth and a range of aromas, dark fruits show on the nose, which has a good southern feel, suggests maceration carbonique. I find this a bit dirty on debut, but there is a true frame to it – the Grenache leads, plus terroir. Nice, upright tannins hold it together. It is a good representative of Rasteau – isn’t too “easy”. I can get past the attack OK, and that may subside. GB £6.81. 2000-02 July 1995