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The Wines

0-40% Cinsault, 30-60% Grenache, 30-40% Syrah, mid-1960s to mid-1970s, mainly from clay, limestone, grey sandstone soils on Pié Loubié, 2 week vinification by half pressing, half bleeding juice off skins (saignée), assembled at the start, steel vat raised 6 months, malo blocked, filtered, screw cap closure, “drink as aperitif, or with barbecues with Mediterranean or Asian flavouring”, 13-30,000 b


attractive pale pink; has a soft, rose petal aroma, an air of small red fruits, white strawberry. The attack is alert, vivacious, with a solid surge in behind, a flavour of red berry, strawberry, notes of sherbet. However, it’s uneven, not all together, has acidity on the loose, the balance unsure. It’s not a unit, is disappointing. 13°. May 2020

2017 ()

fine pink, attractive robe. There is some reduction on the nose, so there is a “high” note to the fruit – crushed strawberry, a hint of rose. The palate has more zest than the nose, drinks easily; juicy red fruits criss cross it well, and it lasts nicely into a rounded, sunny finish. It has a really nice point of red fruit, a very tasty focus. Dried herbs, salt show on the aftertaste. 13.2°. To spring 2019. April 2018


pink robe. Has a gentle aroma that offers strawberry fruit with an appealing, floating quality, a light note of red cherry. The palate gives tender red fruit, precise freshness, is just a bit on the light side for a Séguret rosé, so the aperitif is on the agenda. It tightens on the finish, builds a little extra strength there. The redcurrant fruit is clear here. 13°. 30,000 b. 60% Gren, 40% Syr. GB£11.99, US$ 16.99. To 2018 Jan 2017


pale pink robe; nice and relaxed nose – a bonny redcurrant, crabapple nose of commendable clarity. The palate bears agreeable red fruit, crushed strawberry, is tasty and clear. Right up to what one wants as clear drinking rosé that tastes of the outdoors more than the cellar. Very drinkable, w.o.w. wine. 13°. 60% Gren, 40% Syr. 20,000 b. £9.25 The Wine Society www.thewinesociety.com To mid-2016. Apr 2015  

2013 ()

pale pink, touch orange. Has a creamy redcurrant fruit aroma, all nice and round, a soft herbs influence, too. This is an enjoyable, elegant start, strawberry and lavender also present. The palate has a bonny, fresh debut. This is great – it captures a little sweet appeal and goes on to a good, fresh finish with reminders of garrigue and a local tone as it ends. There is a little salty presence, and its CO2 adds verve. Has good late grip, hence a tight, serious sign-off for this w.o.w. wine. Drink solo or with grilled fish, Provençal dishes. 12.5°. To mid 2016. Nov 2014

2012 ()

genuine pink robe, legs down the glass. Sweet-noted, floral also quince and cherry fruit features in the bouquet that has a melted butter afternote, the appeal of crabapple jelly. The palate offers creamy redcurrant fruit; this is a round, somewhat tarty style of rosé, but is OK with foods such as vegetable dishes, courgettes, vegetarian spaghetti. It could be crisper. I prefer the nose to the palate. 12.5°. 18,000 b. 60% Gren, 40% Syr. To 2015  Oct 2013


salmon pink, orange tints; has a slightly confected red cherry, candy aroma – it is softly appealing, fills the glass nicely. The palate drinks well now. It is slight, but appealing, with red cherry that is just sweet enough to remain refreshing. This is a good do - a wine that drinks solo and well. Can run until early 2011. Great with grilled fish, sardines, has enough body to do well with a good selection of flavours. 12.5° Oct 2009


(tank) pink-salmon robe, almost like the Rowing Club of Leander. There are breezy, crisp notes to the nose, with red stone fruit backed by some varnish, maybe yeast: is broad and fragrant overall. The palate has a soft start, its texture is smooth, the flavour is of squeezy red fruit, with some bite towards the finish as it closes. Provides easy drinking, aperitif or food. The fruit is rather delicately drawn, and sympa. The length is good – there is a nice savoury aftertaste. Feb 2008


(tank) good red-pink colour; has quite a funky, strawberry aroma, with some reduction. Full content on the palate, is nicely bodied, and acquires a stone fruit cherry flavour that is firm. Broad and full. 14°. Nov 2006