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The Wines

100% Roussanne (1993-94), fibre glass vat fermented, raised 90% vat, 10% 3-4 year 228-litre oak casks 1 month, then vat raised 4 months, then 3-year oak raised 3 months, malo can be completed, 1,485 b

2016 ()

fine yellow; apricot-pear fruit aroma, with light spicing, cooked lemon, some inner depth on the QT. The palate bears white fruits’ compote flavours, more spicing, has knuckle, gains in assertion towards the finish. This is table wine with enough body for white meats. The finish is clear, orange blossom and zest there. 13.5°. 2024-25 Dec 2018


full yellow robe. The bouquet has an exuberant and copious depth led by ripe fruits, orange and apricot present, also vanilla pod. It has a tangy note from the citrus influences. The palate is fleshy, sustained, bears a fat run of orange marmalade, with tang bringing grip towards the finish. Very much a table wine, for sauced, butter-based dishes, and Asian cuisine also. It’s genuine and hearty. There is aniseed on the aftertaste, a real neat spot of that, all the way from Marseille. 2022-23 Oct 2016

2014 ()

pale yellow. Beeswax, apricot juice aroma feature in a perky bouquet, comes with a light air of elderberry, and is nicely varied. This drinks well, holds enjoyable gras and a peach-salt flow of flavour. It grips with a floral note on the finish, with some licorice there. This is w.o.w. wine. 14°. To 2018  Dec 2015

2012 ()

yellow robe; pineapple, exotic fruits, spice and buttery aroma, plenty on show in the bouquet. The palate has a sweet heart, offers more white fruits such as peach and white strawberry. There is a light late coolness, licorice and acacia flowers there. This is charming. It is a true country wine, nice and unforced. 14°. To 2017  Dec 2013


pale robe. Soft, graceful nose – soft white stone fruits, a comfortable finesse about it. White jam in an easy texture on the palate, offers good solo drinking. Fine fruit, rounded end, the finesse above all is here. Tones on the end include peach, scent of flowers, fennel, aniseed. Quiet class to this, and it is clear that the Roussanne vines are growing up well, now 15 years old. A tiny crop of just 11 hl this year (65 hl in 2009). 13.5°. To 2013 Dec 2009

2007 ()

pear glints in the colour; baked apple aroma, cooked pear mingling with it. The palate has ripe, quite rich nature, and a honey flavour, that is followed by a pineapple, vanilla second taste. Good quiet sturdiness here, a good wine. Late outcrop of hazelnut. 2012-13 Dec 2008

2006 ()

mild yellow; has a full, broad, rather buttery aroma that is quite potent and also a little tangy: now at a discreet stage, and there is plenty for the future. The palate starts with a punchy raisin, white peach, hazelnut ensemble that combine harmoniously. This is followed by some savoury, agreeable richness that lasts into the aftertaste. Pretty good length, this rocks on with some late heat. 14°. 2015-16 Jan 2008

2003 ()

exotic, pineapple-coconut, guava aromas, still some vanilla from the oak. Good and full strike of flavour on palate - starts with white fruits then tightens and becomes nutty. In good form, still on its toes. Good to drink now. To 2008 August 2006


exotic fruit nose; pineapple and jungle fruit flavour. International, lacks local ID.


some yellow in robe; fruit, floral bouquet, with mineral background. Palate tastes of bonbon, pear, has some end spice. Good grip. Ripe white fruits here.