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LVT 2017 r  Aurélien’s father Sébastien was mostly a fruit grower, centred on apricots (450 tons a year), until his death in 2017, which prompted Sébastien to take out the apricot trees. In 2005 Aurélien started to plant vines on the limestone soils of Les Machons at Châteaubourg. His wife Sarah (maiden name Vigne) is from Mauves. His first St Joseph red was in 2008, with from 2015 a Cuvée Les Machons that includes late 1990s Syrah. There is also a Cornas from 0.5 hectare on Combe, on the border with Saint-Péray, its Syrah planted in 2012. The reds are relaxed and lucid, natural country wines, with oaking not on Aurélien’s agenda. A white Saint-Joseph from 0.5 hectare will be coming on stream, half Roussanne, half Marsanne.

Aurélien Pinheiro, wife Sarah Vigne Earl des Machons quartier les Machons 07130 Châteaubourg

Tel: +33(0)6 75 37 39 56