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The Wines

1965-1970s Syrah from decomposed granite high slopes at 300 metres above Serrières, 30-40% destemmed (until mid-2010s mostly destemmed), 25 day vinification at up to 28-30°C, pumping overs, cap punchings towards the end of fermentation, aged 20% new, 80% 1-4 year 600-litre oak casks 14 months (until mid-2010s 10% new-1 year, 90% 3-5 year 228-litre oak casks 15-16 months, early 2000s was aged 30% new, 1-year, 70% 3-4-6 year oak 18 months, so less new oak now), fined, filtered, 5-6,000 b

2018 ()

(casks) dark, robe, black intensity. The nose is thorough, very close-knit, built around layers of black fruits, blackberry jam and a little salt, a little oak. It can emerge and blossom. The palate holds black fruits with noticeable gourmandise, persistence, really runs fully to the finish, with a swirl of black cherry and smoked tannin there. This is classy, refined, its sizzling fruit, juice most appealing and lasting. 13°. 6,000 b. €18. From 2021. 2031-33 Nov 2019


quite full red; has a smoky, profound nose that reflects cedar and cigar smoke, black fruits, tobacco – it is good and clear-cut. The palate starts in a reserved way – it is upright, and its richness lies in wait, is not yet openly on show. It widens well across the palate, is a complete wine. The black fruit is intense, and eases after the mid-point, gives a floral glance there. The length is attractive. This will be very good and flourishing, especially around 2015. From 2013. 2025-27 May 2012

2008 ()

(6 year cask, old vines) quite dark; nice, wide nose – nutty, blackberry; attractive palate fruit, it unfurls well, length good. Floral aftertaste. Good stuff. 7-8 year wine. March 2009

2007 ()

bottled one week ago: good full robe; has an oily, well-filled bouquet – plenty in it, cooked plums, for instance – even if it is not forward today. The palate has a red stone fruit flavour of some intensity; a later dash of red jam comes along, before a nutty finish, a low-key chewiness. This has grainy late tannins for now – they are just on the outside of the wine, but a good sign is its late, smoky point of gras or richness. From 2010-mid to late to settle the finish. A natural wine, no pretension. 2018-20 March 2009


dark red robe; the bouquet is well filled – it is rounded now, and offers potential harmony, although not really open today. The palate parades likeable red fruits that are thorough and consistent though the palate – it ends more completely than the Tradition 2006. There is plum fruit and a touch of eau de vie on the finish, a whisper of dry there. Esp late 2010 on. Bottled March 2008. 2016-17 March 2009


bright purple/black robe. Cherry stone fruit aroma, with some richness. Juiced up, fleshy, overt wine. Finishes on the front lips, leaves acidity there. Stylistically is aiming to be too high and bold for the year - there wasn't the core matter for a full-on vinification, I would state. 2011 April 2006


(casks) chocolate, grape skins aromas, dense bouquet. Black fruit is suave, then tannins bite, bring a more brewed side. Chewy, big wine. 2007 on. 2015-16

2002 ()

black fruit aroma, full, with a nutty, oaked aspect. Sinewed black fruit on palate, some end richness. Needs till 2005 to lengthen. Touch plain, correct in its way. 2010-11


decent dark red; brewed fruit, smoky, violet combo on bouquet. Warm enough attack, black fruits, olives. Soft end tannins, an extreme ripeness almost. 2010-11


nice berry, spice/liquorice nose; elegant red berry jam flavour, suave, fair length.


nose has reached damp stage, cooked fruits with a cool grain - the vintage style. More on the grain than the flesh on palate - bonny wine, faithful to type. Black fruits sprinkled with mint, are chewy. Tar on finish from the last of the tannins. To 2007, may start to narrow after that. March 2004