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The Wines

20-40% Marsanne (late 1970s), 60-80% Roussanne (2000-2007), 40-50% vat (all Roussanne, some Marsanne), 50-60% 3 year 228-litre oak casks fermented at 15-16°C, raised 7-8 months, lees stirred on cask wine, malo completed, early 2000s was mainly Marsanne, fined, filtered, 7-7,500 b

2018 ()

solid yellow robe; the bouquet is still forming itself, has baked bread, light mandarin airs, a note of spearmint. There’s plenty to come. The palate reflects a red wine structure, with a thorough filling, and length with a touch of tannin involved. It’s a grounded St Jo that will take time to properly declare its wares. There are cooked citrus notes within, a little carbonic gas. It’s wholesome, rewarding, great à table with turbot, halibut, the best of the sea. Decant it. 13°. 80% Rouss, 20% Mars. From spring-2020. 2029-30 Nov 2019


quite a deep yellow robe. Oak and peanuts are prominent on the nose, cooked citrus fruit behind. The palate starts carefully, has Roussanne elegance centrally, extends en finesse, with style in the white fruits, peach, white plum, pear. It’s elegant, nicely fresh and detailed, a very good St Jo blanc, good with steamed fish, noodle dishes. 2025-26 Dec 2018

2016 ()

fine yellow robe. Has an up and open, rounded aroma of peach, sweet white fruits, lime and greengage, grapey notes, honey, light lime. This drinks enjoyably and easily, a really cosy gras lies at its heart, before a more straight stretch of fresh ginger, Marsanne dutifully bringing it to a close. This is good country white, for la table, with pork, chicken ideal. Marks for being genuine and natural. 13°. To 2021 Jan 2018

2015 ()

comfortable yellow robe. The nose has spicing, an air of ginger, with mandarin notes. It’s an alert, poised start, with some depth from the ripe crop. The palate gives a rich curve of cooked white fruits, peach jam, with apricot also on board. The finish is trim, the length steady, marked by fine late juice and a note of liquid honey. 2020-21 Oct 2016 

2013 ()

calm yellow robe. There is a comfortable roundness on the nose, a mixed bag of white plum, light mandarin, the citrus influence leading its appealing, sure freshness. The palate is well balanced, holds elegant content, runs with a sure hand to the finish. A w.o.w.  St Jo blanc with ease and enjoyable fruit and depth. The finish is very orderly, encouraging solo drinking, or with hors d’oeuvres. 13°. 80% Rouss, 20% Mars. 7,000 b. To 2020.  Jan 2015


½ bottle: quite a full yellow robe. The nose gives an aroma of stewed white fruits, a compote, along with glazed fruits and candy; the ripeness is rather accentuated, and there is an air of banana also. The palate is round, agreeably full, delivers quiet late acidity. It has advanced a little, and suits food over solo drinking. Genuine, solid wine without flair or excess modernism – it is a ball of flavour, dried fruits, end ends gently tucked in. Air releases a more saline clarity – as it isn’t very long, that helps its precision. 13°. To 2017  Jan 2015 Previously Nov 2013 ** pale lemon colour. Airs of oak and stewed fruits that are sweet combine with ripe banana on the nose, shows touches of peanut and hazelnut within. The palate is muddled, not centred. The fruit is live, transient, and its content slips around, isn’t a whole. This has edgy sides, the acidity prominent. Not sure about it. From late 2014. 70% Roussanne, 30% Marsanne this year. 2018.  Nov 2013


fair yellow. Petrol-carburant air, with a cooked banana depth in behind, peanut paste and oak. This has a taste of nut, almond paste. It has a thick style which needs 1) nine months and 2) decanting. It holds gras, but its flavours aren’t clearly defined today. Gives a sense of dried fruits, almost scorched crop in its flavour and texture. 13°. From mid-2013. To 2018-19.  Nov 2012  Previously May 2012 **(*) bottled last week: mild yellow colour; the bouquet has a plump centre point, comes with spice, greengage, plum fruit airs. There is a toasting air across it. The palate is flexible as it starts, giving, comes with immediate gras, an all front of the house showing – this is a food friendly wine. It will gain grip on the finish after six months. Unpretentious, rounded wine. 80% Roussanne, 20% Marsanne this year. 2016. May 2012


(fibre glass tank, Marsanne/Roussanne assembled, malo is doing now) light pear aroma; quiet gras on the palate, with late green apple grip, fair amount of richness here. 4-5 years or so. March 2009

2007 ()

calm bouquet of nice, steady appeal – dried apricot, light pear and spice inclusion. The palate has appealing width – this is a wine of some even richness, with late grip and tightening. From autumn 2009 – it needs to soften its finish. A little late heat comes through – this is 13+°. To 2012. March 2009


salty top air to the bouquet, with quite ripe white fruit under that, a citrus tang prevails for now. The fruit has been left to nearly over-ripen, so there is a touch of the sweet n'sour with the Marsanne's usual cut. The flavour is mandarin, lime marmalade, pursued by a salty clarity. Has character. Its length is sound and it finishes nicely complete. 2010-11. Dec 2007

2003 ()

pear style aroma, quite broad. Rich palate, buttery finish. Pretty wholesome. 2009


smoky, stone fruit aroma, some butter/lime. Fresh attack, broadens OK afterwards. Some richness. Drink early for its life, but can run on. A correct drop of wine.


exotic, pineapple bouquet; sappy exotic fruits flavour, hints of oak at the end. Fair length, nice enough.