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LVT 2017 r  2016  wh  Roger Blachon died in 2007, and his widow Marytine, son Sylvain and daughter Délphine have gamely continued with these traditional wines. A new cuvée, the Hommage to Roger Blachon, was introduced with the 2006 vintage. When the wines are on song, they are true to their place, and nicely unpretentious. However, they lack consistency and can be rustic. This is frustrating because the vineyards are on some of the best terroirs at Mauves and also Tournon.

Sylvain & sister Délphine, mother Martine Blachon a.k.a Gaec des Murets 31 chemin des Goules 07300 Mauves

Tel: +33(0)475 08 61 12


Countries exported to:1) Belgium 2) Switzerland

Percentage Exported: 10%

USA Importers: APS Wine and Spirits 9401 San Leandro Street Oakland CA 94603 +1510 638 5200 www.apswine.com info@apswine.com