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The Wines

Syrah (av age 25-30 years, incl hillside, plateau, old & young vines) from loose granite soils, destemmed, 3-4 week vinification, cultured yeasts, no crushing, pumping overs, cap punching at start of maceration, raised 1-7 years 228-litre oak casks 12 months (until mid-2010s 10% new oak), fined, filtered, "drink with rib of beef, red meats", 15-20,000 b

2019 ()

(Syrah from Les Rouasses at Charnas, 250-300 metres, very windy, gradual ripening, 3-year 228-litre cask, 25% of the blend) dark robe; there’s dash in its cassis, black fruits’ aroma, cool blue fruit, licorice. The palate gives appealing black fruit that is loose, fresh, bang on the money. It holds good speckles and sparkles, is good and drinkable, promising, has nice length. 12 years Feb 2020

2018 ()

dark red; blackberry with a sun-toffee note, a hint of black raisin, licorice on the nose, which has a sunny compactness. The palate holds stewed black fruits, soft tannins, liberal late juice with an earthy note. The length is steady, a touch of late grain tannin on board. This is natural St Jo; it’s under its bottling just recently, will become clearer. Bottled Jan 2020. “It’s quite gourmand,” Guillaume Boissonnet. 13°. €17 at the cellars. 2028-29 Feb 2020

2015 ()

dark red robe. The nose is wide and imposing, already. There is an air of thick black berry fruit, just a touch stewed in style. The palate gives a combination of perfumed black berry fruits such as loganberry, and ripe, forward tannins that upholster the closing stages. This is a full and obvious 2015 St Jo; if you drink it young – perfectly possible – you will have the feel of a thick wine. If you wait until around 2020, there will be greater clarity. 13°. 16,000 b. 2026-27 Oct 2016

2009 ()

bright dark red- black robe. Oak traverse across the nose, sweet blackberry and cherry in behind. Fine fruit lies within the palate, has an elegant run about it, with oak spots here and there that are moving into it. Pretty good, clean fruit. From late 2012 to allow the oak to absorb. I like the fruit quality. The tannins are also ripe and butty, support it well. 13°. 2018-19 Nov 2010


cherry red, purple robe. Grunty aroma – it shows mature style red fruit, raspberry, with earthen tints, cherry also: not a bad start. Attractive cherry fruit lines the palate, moves along well, ends on a steady roundness. The aftertaste is aromatic. There is a touch of the tar or goudron and high tone in this. 13°. To 2014. July 2010

2006 ()

mid-red colour; bright cherry aroma with something of licorice and stalkiness alongside. The palate also holds live fruit that comes with a clear tone – this is good local wine. It gain some depth through the palate, ends on a tannin and pepper mix. It is supple, then shows bite – drinks clearly and well now, the fruits sustains. Sound drop of wine. Go for it. To 2012. Bottled Feb 2008. June 2008 Previously Dec 2007 ***(*) bright toned red. Red fruits such as ripe plum, wild strawberry feature on the nose, accompanied by a touch of spice. The palate holds pretty comfortable red fruit, and the length is good. It tightens at the finish, closes down, but can make it OK. From early 2009. The fruit is likeable and the finish clear-toned. 2012-13 Dec 2007

2005 ()

bright robe; quite rich black jam fruit aroma, fringed by a meaty air – is open and broad now. Approachable, easy fruit on start, with a gain in ripe tannins late on. Easy drinking here – it can widen more, and shows promise to accompany lots of foods thanks to its richness and charm. A meaty side to the palate indicates the successful Syrah vintage. Length good. 2014-15 Nov 2006

2004 ()

bright, quite dark robe. Hesitant red fruit at heart of bouquet - is currently dumb but can emerge and grow. Dry-toned, reserved fruit on palate, is a little narrow, but this can gain expression and some width. Cleanly made, not a big monument wine.Length OK. Esp mid 2007 on. 2011-12 April 2006


compact and full black fruits bouquet. Sweet fruit start, stewed black berries. Sappy, soaked wine, some end tannin. Not truly knit. Ripe fruit on finish is a bit overripe. Seems stretched, also acidified end possible. 2006 on. 2012-13


cassis, ripe fruit nose; earthy on nose and palate, stewed fruit presence. Quite clean at first, then dried with air, showed a techno hairy heel.