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The Wines

75-85% Marsanne (67% early 1990s, 33% 2012), 15-20% Roussanne (early 1990s) from La Côte & Les Rouasses, fermented at 15-21°C (until 2009 was 12-18°C), raised 1-8 year 228-litre oak casks 8-9 months (until mid-2010s oak casks younger - 10% new, 45% 1 year, 45% 2-year old oak casks), lees regularly stirred, malo completed, filtered, 20% of wine vat handled, sold in bulk, “drink with white meats in mushroom sauce, fish, cheese”, 6,000-9,000 b

2018 ()

fine yellow; has a ripe, honeyed aroma, peach, peach stone, a note of Marsanne ginger – the nose shows 2018 sun. This is soft, bears textured white fruits, some late grip, is cosy country wine, for la table. There’s a touch of late tannin and tang that is very correct in expressing the Marsanne. 13°. €19 at the cellars. 2022-23 Feb 2020

2015 ()

full yellow. The nose is fat and buttery and broad, wheels around on flan and caramel notes, the fruit secondary, perhaps some white peach. The palate delves rather richly into a compote of white fruits including apricot, kiwi fruit, has a clack of late freshness and vigour that increases its appeal. The length is good, sustained. This is a genuine, STGT St Jo, with a local ground force. 13°. 5,000 b. 2022-23 Oct 2016

2014 ()

firm yellow robe. There is a saline, aniseed quality to the nose, with a mix of greengage plum and lime present. This is a bouquet with the lift of the vintage. The palate is supple, textured, and presents a good depth of white fruits in a fat style. This will accompany sauced dishes. It is rounded on the finish, perhaps a little quiet there. 13°. 80% Mars, 20% Rouss. 2020-22  Oct 2015   


yellow robe. The nose is reserved and restrained, gives a light drift of aniseed and white fruits, couples with some hazelnut. This has an approachable elegance, so can do OK for the aperitif. There is a small knuckle of grip, and light tannin as it ends. It could have a little more depth. It evokes springtime as it finishes – it has that sort of delicacy. 13°. 6,000 b. 2019-20 Jan 2015


shiny yellow, legs visible. Has a zesty air, an aroma of underripe pineapple, cooked lemon, a note of mandarin – definite citrus leanings here. The palate, by contrast, has a compote, stewed fruits, bonbon, slightly sweetly fruited nature – which is out of step with the the style of the bouquet. It ends quietly. I would think it has just been bottled. Allow time for the palate to fire. 13°. From mid-2014. 80% Mars, 20% Rouss. 7,000 b. To 2019  Nov 2013


yellow; honey-banana, cellar-inspired nose, fat, candy also. The palate is also fat – an Obvious Blonde style wine, low on acidity, high on bluster. Needs food. Is plain, the length is fair, lacks inspiration. 13°. To 2013-14. 80% Marsanne this year. €15 at the domaine. July 2010

2007 ()

½ bottle: level yellow robe. Lime, sprightly nose with salty airs – the lime suggests Roussanne. Interesting mix of soft fruit and athread of acidity to perk it up on the palate. This is drinking in a fine stride now – right in the zone. To 2012. Nov 2009

2006 ()

mild yellow robe; the nose bears some ripe, fruit tart and bonbon aromas, with some hazelnut and honey reflecting the Marsanne. Holds richly struck, ripe fruit with a sound foundation. Full wine, suited to food rather than the aperitif now – has moved along since January. Nicely clean, traditional style. To 2011. June 2008 Previously Jan 2008 *** yellow colour; has a salted, tangy, spiced aroma with citrus and lime airs contributing some zest: is a bit limited in depth. The palate is led by apricot in the taste, with a dash of mineral – this is quite punchy and active. It runs on well, in that live vein. Quite decent richness is provided, but the more lasting impression is one of a rather angular, tight wine that would be best suited to the aperitif. 13°. 2012-13 Jan 2008


ripe, agreeable fat on bouquet, dried fruits and the ripeness isn't overdone and blowsy. Good start to palate, then tightens from half way, oak comes along. The start shows ripe fruit, a baked fruit tart flavour. Done in the full, rather cellar-dominated way. It's still working itself out, the finish is sinewed, quite live. Try in 2007 for more of an ensemble. June 2006

2003 ()

robe is yellow, full. Measured, full bouquet, with potential. Spice runs with the butter on palate, chewy texture, dried fruits flavour. Length OK, is a structured wine, sturdy in its way. Some end heat. 2010


quite lively bouquet, some exotic fruit, persists OK. Compact dried fruits flavour, then oak comes along. Measured length to this. Tightens at end, satisfactorily. Decent gras. 2010-11

2000 ()

nutty, fairly wide nose; dried skins, quiet fat. Raisin finish.