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LVT 2019 r 2019 wh This is good, hand made St Joseph red, whole bunch, called Les sabots de Coppi, ***(*) in 2016 and 2017, **** in 2018, very much hitting its stride. It's a new domaine run by my old chum Jef, who used to be patron of the lively Carafe aux Folies wine bar in Tournon, which he sold in 2017. He now has four hectares in Ozon, Arras and Sécheras; the base of them are his grandfather's old abandoned vineyards that had never been sprayed with chemicals. He uses 30%+ amphores for part of the raising, and is low on the SO2. In 2018, he introduced a second Saint-Joseph called Lou Taïssou, purely from Ozon, which was a **** wine of good energy.

There's also a Vin de France called Alliance [85% Grenache from near Corbières, with 15% Gamay in 2018, 50-50% in 2019], a decent *** wine in 2016, and a ***(*) w.o.w.wine in 2017. Jef chose the great vintage of 2019 to add four Vins de France - a Syrah from 1974 and 1976 Syrah, purchased harvest from Ozon, name La Maquerelle, amphore raised, a cool, peppery ***(*) wine, and a Massale Gamay that he planted in 2016 at 400 metres at Sécheras, also amphore raised, a relaxed, natural *** wine. There are now two whites, the better called le délire de Coppi, 50% Viognier, 25% Marsanne, 25% Roussanne (2015-16) from  Sécheras and Arras, a wine of rounded richness. The other white is 100% Chasselas (2016), a little on its acidity in 2019.

Jean-François Malsert 875 route du Saint Joseph 07610 Sécheras

Tel: +33 (0)6 86 83 32 43

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