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The Wines

Syrah (mid-1960s, mainly 1979) from the plateau at 350 metres 80% whole bunch, 2-week fermentation, pumping overs, 2-week maceration, raised amphorae 11 months, before 2011 aged 75% 4-5 year oak 550-litre casks, 25% vat 12 months, unfined, unfiltered, first wine 2003 (400 b), no SO2 added, has a white label, 4-6,000 b

2018 ()

full red; blackberry fruit leads a robust nose, with black cherry, sun rays. The palate serves a direct delivery of stewed black fruits, has firm tannins, iron on the close-knit close. This is upright, gives only a cautious release of juice late on. It has good authority. Take your time with it. 14°. Bottled Sept 2019. 2028-30 Feb 2020


very dark purple-black robe; The nose gives a good vibe, blackberry and violet in a good tandem. It has a strong hold on its aroma, is slightly muscular. The palate bears good, brisk fruits with spearmint tannins, good dance in it; it carries a likeable electric sinew, and does present clear-toned Syrah of the granite, ending on dark mineral, black-fruited content. 13°. Well cellared, to 2029-31? Earlier a safe bet, certainly. Feb 2019


good dark red. Has a stewed plums, floral aroma with a violet softness about it, and a backdrop of blackberry and mulberry. The palate offers easy, rolling fruit that builds into a peppery finish. The fruit is bright and fine, the ending lightly dusted. There is a peppery aspect, and its freshness works well. Can be drunk solo. It is not especially full. 13°. To 2017  Nov 2012


dark, bright robe; inky nose, leather and dark fruits mixed into a solid setting, something like a wad of black cherry, blueberry. The palate is full, has good, deep black fruit and is well-sustained. Its ripeness is far-out, was deliberately sought, provides an oily, slight Volatile Acidity side. Delivers its big black fruit with tannins absorbed, is a good, properly made St Jo. Its natural density recalls the wines of the 1980s. Hand made, original wine of character. There is a tiny note of late violet, a lot here. Suited to venison in anisette, with blettes. 13.5°. To 2018-20.  Nov 2011


dark plum robe; there is a high tone intensity in the nose – crackly-aired black fruits or mulberry with a little oily ripeness beyond that outer air – this is likeable. The palate's black fruits are tinged with sweetness, and last quite well. Is a wine of structure, in its primary state. Some late bitterness is an issue – it seems rather forced all of a sudden. The aftertaste is tarry. Just bottled I think, so a margin for that. 14.5°. To 2011-12. Dec 2007. Previously June 2007 (550-litre cask) *** full robe; open, really suave black berry aroma. Good intense start to palate, followed by prominent tannins. Complete, well-knit, a little herbaceous – tannins need leaving till 2009. (vat proportion) *** well sealed nose – tight but harmonious. Brisk, good zappy black fruit with tar edges – its acidity needs to settle. 13°. Both tasted June 2007 “2006 was more gourmand and easy straight away than 2005,” P.Estève

2005 ()

full red/black robe; really compact, promising, still young bouquet – black berries with an almost southern, olives tone. Good fruit attack – shows well-cut black fruit that has good core. Runs on cleanly and freshly, with a rich surround. The fruit is crisp, and sprinkled with pepper – has good grain and a clean finish. STGT wine. More variety from mid-2008 if that is what you seek. Beau Vin. 2013-14 June 2007 “It went through a firm, closed phase but is starting to open again now, “ P.Estève. Previously Nov 2006 ***(*) dark robe; sweet-toned, well filled bouquet with brambly black fruit jam and a little mint – is wide and ripe. Compact black fruit on the palate, has a good, tight weave and flows with some energy. The flavour is black berries with lots of content. Nice character, a generous wine in the making, persists OK and finishes clearly. Upright shape still – more supple from mid-2008. 2015-17 Nov 2006