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The Wines

96% Syrah, 4% Viognier (both 2003-04) from slightly E facing 1 hectare on gneiss, white soil terraces on the lieu-dit of Bons-Arrêts next to Tupin, north of it, S Montez the only cultivator, was a vineyard around the First World War, doesn’t get the high heat of the setting sun, the sun tails off towards 17.00 hres, 80% destemmed, 3-week vinification, cap punching, aged 40% new, 30% 1-year, 30% 2-year oak 580-litre casks 19-24 months, unfined, first wine 2015, previously went into Fortis, 3,000-4,000 b


(4-year 580-litre cask) dark robe; black cherry fruit that carries purity, firm depth, black cherry airs, a touch of red meat, with black olives. This is engaging, has good finesse, polished tannins, ends on floral, red berry fruit. The wine from this lieu-dit is precise, Burgundian. It’s a very solid ****. From 2025-26. 2047-50 Feb 2020

2018 ()

(cask) shiny, dark red; there is reduction in this young wine, a gentle aroma of black cherry that is lucid, blackberry also. It’s airborne in style, holds a very discreet floral implication, some oak grilling also. The is tender flow wine, red fruits, purity, takes a Burgundian approach, is soft late even with rather firm juice. It’s well defined, calm and promising wine, especially for Stéphane! There is a touch of late powder-floral. From 2023. 2044-46 Feb 2020


dark robe; the bouquet gives a soaked fruits aroma, notes of mineral-tea leaves. It has a curvy sweetness, shows ripe harvest. The palate serves more restraint, a line of elegant red fruits which are typical of this vineyard, garnering a rocky fuse as it enters the finish, a real rocky strewn, mineral stretch there, with attendant floral fragrance. It’s an interesting affair, nothing obvious, with mixed prompts, goings-on, is well worth the study as you drink it. For now, there is a contrast, which doesn’t hurt, between nose and palate: vintage on the former, terroir on the latter. 13.5°. From 2023. 2039-41 Feb 2020


discreet red robe; the bouquet is clear-cut, pure, on soaked red cherries/griottes, has very good ping to it, the essence of red fruit, iron. The palate is gentle, the texture smooth, with crispness in the tannins, fresh length, aided by those tannins. The attack is ferrous, on red berry fruits and attendant fragrance. This carries precision, very good definition. 13°. From 2022. 2040-42 Feb 2020


fine red robe; the is well tuned sweetness on the nose, 2015 ripeness and red berries, much strawberry, strawberry jam on display, a note of sweet herbs. The palate has a really tender opening, most pleasing, with liberal juice flow, neat tannins. It’s spherical, with good underlay. It develops a spur of length which brings in rocky-powder notes. It’s well orchestrated, beau, drinks most attractively now, is graceful, floral. Its fragrance is typical of Tupin. “It has finesse, elegance, with silken matter”, S Montez.13°. 2041-43 Feb 2020 Previously Mar 2018 **** dark red, a sombre aspect to the robe. The nose has a sultry nature, shows soaked red cherries, musky rose-primrose airs. The palate offers cosy gras richness, fullness, goes steadily long, provides pockets of late mineral cut. The bouquet is a bit more advanced than the palate, where there is a lot of late restraint. This taps into a good southern zone suave texture, the fruit centring on strawberry. It could be a little deeper, which is down the young vines. It requires study by the drinker to get the best out of it. 13°. From 2022. 2037-40 Mar 2018