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The Wines

80-100% Marsanne (late-1980s-early 1990s) from granite & limestone influenced stony, clay-alluvial soils, 0-20% Roussanne (late-1990s-early 2000s) from stony limestone soils at Crussol, hand harvested, direct whole bunch pressing, 3-4 hour cool, severe decantation, fermented at 20°C, raised 8-20% new, 80-92% 1-7-year 228-litre oak & acacia casks (ends of casks acacia, sides of casks oak) 8 months, lees stirred, malo completed, fined, filtered, “Saint-Péray always has a balance that I like, which is where I want to go with my whites”, 4,000-6,600 b

2018 ()

marked yellow robe. Lightly floral, dried apricot aroma, the latter denoting a forward Marsanne influence. The attack offers silky gras – this is good! There is a very good late Marsanne freshness, energy, tang that tastes well. This is stylish, true, very good STGT St-Péray, with good juice at the end. 13.5°. 6,600 b. 80% Mars, 20% Rouss. €21. 2025-26 Dec 2019


fine yellow robe; Vitrus, ginger tang airs lead the nose, an undercurrent of vanilla from oak, white raisin. It’s a clear, uplifted start. The palate continues on a citrus theme, with a touch of carbonic gas and its perlant effect in the texture. The gras is rather slinky, has a firm squeeziness, builds in depth as it goes, ends more robustly than finely. It’s interesting, not monochrome, is spiced, shows white plum, late banana in the flavour. It will open up, show more from spring 2019, and decanting will aid it. It drinks well, has joli length, will please. 13°. 2024-25 Dec 2018

2015 ()

quite a firm yellow colour. The nose carries an aroma of white peach, white plum has charm, with inner strength that shows via a grapey intensity in the second tier. The palate has steadily rich attack, its gras stylish and rounded. The finish brings a little citrus verve, a note of petrol. This drinks well now, with that nudge of tannin on the finish demanding sauced dishes as a companion. Allow this to breathe. 2021-22 Oct 2016

2014 ()

yellow colour; there is good lift in the nose, orange-tangerine airs, serene clarity, grapiness, white plum. It’s airborne in style. The palate has a textured, glycerol feel, is in the here and now, a polished, neat N Rhône blanc, with fine length, flavours of white stone fruits. It drinks with a mild caress, is possibly Saint-Péray (tasted blind). To 2021 May 2018 Previously Nov 2015 **(*) shiny yellow robe. White raisin, light spice, gentle toasting show on the nose, with apricot pulp or juice, ginger. It is a pretty authentic start. The palate starts on ginger-spice, has an enjoyably smooth, lissom texture. It drifts on the finish. It is rather limited, tame. It doesn’t quite fire fully, skips a beat of depth. It has a spot of typical Saint-Péray freshness, and a perlant, sub spritz note. 13°. To 2019  Nov 2015

2013 ()

sound yellow. Reserved, calm bouquet: it shows a couch of flan, a compote of white fruit or stewed fruits, a note of ginger and mandarin which reflects the Marsanne truly. This is a fine-tuned bouquet. The palate is a bundle of toasted, supple fruit, the oak stretching out the finish, and quite deftly done. This is clean, pretty long, with agreeable gras at its heart. Has an aromatic, fine style. It drinks well with plaice, that encourages a quiet sweetness. An en finesse Saint-Péray, nice and tight, has the scope to evolve over 5-6 years. It has solid, glycerol based virtues. It is just a touch on the oaky side. 13.1°. 2020-21 Jan 2015


quite a rich yellow colour. The bouquet has a zesty, orange peel quality, a fresh top above a comfortable ripe depth in the form of flan and nut, a note of zippy licorice. This bouquet presents a good combination of northern freshness and southern ripeness. This is fashionable, slightly sweet-noted Saint-Péray led by a flavour of vanilla and nut, peanut. Favours food over the aperitif: light acidity tickles the tongue. There is a Marsanne ginger-tang on its outer. Great with steamed St Jacques, scallops. Has good, steady length, nice body, is shapely, wide, long, well-fashioned and true. 13°. To 2019  Nov 2013

2011 ()

yellow, green tinted robe. Beeswax, honey, pineapple chunks mingle in an oaked-toasted backdrop, vanilla and spice also on stage. The palate has a savoury, creamy, vanilla flavour – the style is rich, opulent, is a wine destined for la table – fish in sauce, St Marcellin cheese, Munster, Camembert etc. There are healthy late notes of tilleul (linden) and spice. A cellar-constructed wine, but one with merits. The length is decent, and it ends on sound grip. 13°. 2018  Nov 2012