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The Wines

50-75% Marsanne, 25-50% Roussanne of which 90-92% from gneiss & granite soils at Chavanay, St Pierre de Boeuf, Malleval (N of appellation), 8-10% from limestone-granite soils at Guilherand (far S of appellation), direct whole bunch pressing, 3-4 hour cool, severe decantation, fermented at 20°C, raised 10-20% new, 80-90% 1-2 year 228-litre oak casks 8 months, lees lightly stirred, malo completed, fined, filtered, up from 5,000 b to 7-8,000 b

2018 ()

a full yellow robe that shows Roussanne influence. The bouquet expresses fat, opulence, peach stone notes, grapey depth, a firm air of apricot juice. The palate has shoulders, is wide, grounded feet on the ground and very much a wine for la table. The flavour shows dried fruits. It’s one of the most masculine of his 2018 whites, carries weight, is serious, up for sauced dishes, white meats, Asiatic cuisine, is charged from within. Decant it. 13.5°. 7,500 b. €22. 50% Mars, 50% Rouss. From spring 2020. 2027-28 Dec 2019

2017 ()

yellow robe. Exotic fruits such as pineapple, along with peach airs circulate on the bouquet, ripe fruit on the agenda, light orange blossom. The palate has a buttery, immediate debut, comes with a soft, plump composition, is sealed together, not really out. There’s an underlying Marsanne nuttiness lining the palate as a couch. The aftertaste is tangy, spice and nougat there. It holds comfortable content, but is a little one-paced. The length is fair. It’s a bit musky. Decanting OK for it. 13.5°. 2025-26 Dec 2018


firm yellow robe. The nose is toasted, comes with roasted nuts, a ripe mango aroma, tropical juice, banana flambé. The palate attacks on suave richness, with a fleshy content, indicating the ripe crop. It has a tangy follow-through with notes of lime and orange marmalade. The aftertaste is rounded, also fresh. It’s got pretty good style, is well composed. 2022-23 Oct 2016


sturdy yellow robe. Has an apricot aroma, with a little tang of freshness, a note of ginger and a slight note of glazed sugar. The palate has a creamy debut, linking to the glazed sugar note on the nose. It is smoothly textured, medium bodied, ends roundly. It lacks some of the 2014 cut. It is sound but not inspiring, a wine more for la table and lightly flavoured dishes over the aperitif. 13°. To 2018  Dec 2015


yellow robe, legs visible. There is a spicy first hit on the nose, oak-toasting pushing out as well. A discreet note of pear, stewed pear fruit lies within. The palate starts freshly; good acidity stretches this out well, the length sustained. The content and the oak are in pretty good partnership, and the late palate holds up well, the finish assured. There is indeed a lot of late palate depth, while the oak engineers some oomph in the wine. It holds good, squeezy gras richness, is a little on the oak for now. There are citrus leanings in the palate, a tangerine verve. Shapely, interesting, long wine. The oak should be less evident from late 2015 or spring 2016. It will stay fresh as it ages. 13°. 2020-21  Jan 2015

2012 ()

rich, medium depth yellow. The nose gives a graceful air of pear, cooked apple with an appealingly fresh note in it, drifts of cooked citrus fruits such as mandarin and light hazelnut. The shape is round, comes with style but unreleased potential to fuse further and lengthen more. It needs leaving until 2014 to assemble and get together. Fine fruit closes it. This has a bonny finesse, is good northern Rhône white. Salty notes furnish its late moments. Very clean: has precise flavours and good detail. It has good grip, and there is a true note of Marsanne bitter-tang, lime as it finishes. Good character, though it lacks a little substance. 13°. 2019-20  Oct 2013


yellow robe. Creamy, wide, smooth ripe fruit air, has brioche baked bread notes, with pineapple, a little oak. There is also a mix of lavender and exotic fruits. The palate flavour combines pineapple, tangerine, brioche. It holds nice fat, the crop perhaps deliberately harvested very ripe, and that works well, rendering it suited to food, pasta with clams, cheeses. Well-textured, smooth all through. It has a Marsanne tang-grip on the finish, with some subtle Roussanne fruit elegance. There is a bonny floral, lavender and honeyed aftertaste. This is genuine Saint-Joseph blanc. 13°. To 2019  Nov 2012