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LVT  2012  r  2012  wh  Promising mid-2000s start up in northern sector of Saint-Joseph. After 6 months at the Domaine Courbis in Châteaubourg, Xavier Novis started on his first vintage in 2005, with his own cellar. The white St Jo La Mutine is 80% Roussanne, and a good wine for la table. Xavier was 35 in 2018, and is a local boy.

Xavier Novis 5 chemin de Palot 42520 Saint-Pierre-de-Boeuf

Tel: +33(0)474 87 12 05

Countries exported to:1) Belgium 2) USA

Percentage Exported: 5%

British Importers: N/R

USA Importers: via agent Jean-François Gaillard