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The Wines

40-60% Marsanne, 40-60% Roussanne (late 1980s) from loess, limestone granite soils at Charnas, steel vat fermented 21-25 days, raised 30-50% new 50-70% 1-year oak casks 10-12 months (up from 7 months late 2000s), lees stirring first 3-4 months of raising, malo completed, filtered, 2,000 b

2018 ()

(casks) shiny yellow robe; the nose gives a low-key air of cooked lemon, ginger and spice, a hint of petrol. The palate is rather sturdy, delivers a dried fruits, dried pear and fig flavour, with oaking and its note of sweetness as it closes. It carries heft, is well grounded, good table wine, up for firm fish, sea bass. Its length is good, comes with a spearmint side, and it will develop well: serve in a large glass, allow air. There is a note of power on the aftertaste. 14.5°. 60% Mars, 40% Rouss. €25. From mid-2020. 2029-30 Nov 2019


quite shiny yellow robe. Oak, toasting, honey assemble on the front nose, with a note of licorice, tangy orange air also. There is “bite” here. The palate gives apricot, ginger flavours with a subtle gras developing after its fresh, exuberant start. It has good body, and will do well with turbot, halibut, fine fish in sauce. The finish is good and fresh, with some neat depth. 14°. 2,000 b. €13 export. 60% Rouss, 40% Mars. 2022-23 Oct 2016


full yellow colour; has an elegant bouquet with a graceful, bright air of white fruits, summer flowers, a ripe Marsanne cooked orange and hazelnut. The palate is lovely: the fruit and the richness walk hand in hand, and there is a natural freshness bound into its ripe setting. Great with chicken dishes, for example. Very good. 14.5° - it is a big boy, but that isn’t obvious. €12.30 export. 2019-20  Jan 2015 


even yellow robe. White pepper and hazelnut feature in a reticent nose that shows toasted nuts and is rather polished and fine. The palate starts with a mild, calm composition, then takes on more gras, then backs off and ends on a slightly tannic aftertaste, showing mineral-wire influences there. From mid-2012 – let it fuse more. There is a little burn (oak) towards the finish. Can settle. 14°. To 2016 Nov 2011

2007 ()

quite full, bright yellow robe; glinty, high tone nose with some honey under that, apricot in with the honey – it is pretty broad. The palate is well-enclosed – this is a tight-knit, solid wine, with agile length and a gain in minerality after half way. Ends quite firmly, just a bit suddenly. 13°. 2012-13 Dec 2008


full bouquet - honey/fig aroma. Exotic fruit, raisin flavour, then tightens, shows dried fruits. On the full side, not that fresh. Sit-down wine, some character.


(casks) fine, quite well-knit, oak with varied fruits. Should grow into itself.


smoky, nut/stone fruit nose; pretty, nicely ripe fruit. Stylish, solid wine, with nuts and dried fruit flavours.