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LVT 2016 r 2016 wh A range of 16 reds and whites made with infinite care by a determined winemaker, whose father is a director at the Cave de Saint-Désirat; there are no vineyards. Jean-Baptiste buys harvest from precise sites, and vinifies in batches that can run from 300 bottles to 1,500 bottles in rare cases. There are 10,000 bottles all told. After winemaking twice in Australia, in New Zealand, Burgundy and Bordeaux, and a Masters at Dijon, he worked as an oenologue for Jean-Luc Colombo for a few years before starting his own business in 2014. The style is very tight, almost lean at times, in the New Wave manner; some of the wines are excessively this way - the two Cornas, for example. The four Saint-Joseph reds are a good collection, and the Côte-Rôtie Coteau de Bassenon is by some way the better of the two Cote-Roties. Of the whites, the Vin de France Marsanne was a ***(*) w.o.w. wine in 2016, and the Crozes-Hermitage Le Tout blanc a **** wine of some intrigue in 2016.

406 chemin du Creux 07340 Andance

Tel: +33(0)6 21 86 54 60



Countries exported to: 1) USA 2) Scandinavia 3) Hong Kong

British Importers: Uncharted Wines Patrick Headlam Unit 16 Containerville 35 Corbridge Crescent London E2 9EZ +44(0)7779 228850 www.unchartedwines.com patrick@unchartedwines.com

USA Importers: Veritas Imports 929 S Brand Blvd Glendale CA 91204 +1310 205 3800 www.veritaswine.com Frederick Wildman & Sons Ltd 307 E53rd Street #3 NY 10022 +1212 355 0700 www.frederickwildman.com American North West Distributors 6733 E Marginal Way S Seattle WA 98108 +1206 877 4404 www.anwdistributors.com info@anwdistributors.com Flatiron Wines & Spirits 929 Broadway New York NY 10010 +1212 477 1315 Flatiron Wines & Spirits 2 New Montgomery Street San Francisco CA 94105 +1415 780 1405 www.flatiron-wines.com info@flatiron-wines.com