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LVT 2017 r 2017 wh A partnership between Emmanuel Barou, established for many years, and his neighbour Bertand Lachal, with organic vineyards at Charnas and Limony. Bertand, a native of the Loire, had a change of career when giving up his industrial designer job near Annonay, and turning to wine. For four years he was a full-time vineyard worker chez François Villard. The wine is vinified chez Barou, and this association has been going since 2012. There is a St Jo red, a St Jo white and vin de pays from slightly older rented vineyards, sold as Vin de France. The style is for soft drinking.

Bertand Lachal & Emmanuel Barou SCEA des Toreyres 07340 Charnas

Tel: +33(0)6 32 15 67 66

British Importers: N/R

USA Importers: N/R