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LVT 2019 r 2019 wh Sylvain Gauthier (1983), is from Lorraine, where his father Claude was an educator, as well as owning a vineyard in an area where vineyards had dwindled from 300 hectares to just six, as well as being an educator. Sylvain did studies in Burgundy, and lived in Tournon for five years with a girl whose family worked with fruits and vines.

Having separated from her, he heard about the farm at Chéminas, and set up on his own with a rented vineyard of 0.5 hectare at Sarras, old vine Syrah, in 2007, plus clearing scrubland – 0.4 ha planted at Arras in 2004 and 0.4 hectare planted at Vion in 2007 - and buying small plots – all three approaches. Between 2010 and 2015 Sylvain bought land at Ozon and Arras, and cleared it for vineyards. Sylvain now works six hectares of Saint-Joseph, 4 ha red, 2 ha white, and 0.5 hectare of vin de pays. His old vine 1930s-1950s Syrah Saint-Joseph comes from a rented 0.5 hectare on Aubert, the Trollat hillside, near the Gonons, at Saint Jean de Muzols.

Bottle production has risen to 25,000, with a potential for 50,000 b over time. From 2009 the cellar was at Chéminas, and from 2020 it has been at Ozon, with much more space. All vineyard work is manual.

The wines are calm, like Sylvain. The range is expanding quite rapidly, and things are very much on the up. The whites are especially good, both the 100% Roussanne St Jo and the Vin de France Viognier. The reds are led by a good, natural St Jo red that is essentially from Sarras in the middle part of the St Jo appellation. The Aubert is solid quality wine, **** in 2018, ****(*) in 2019, when he is introducing a 1930s only special Aubert cuvée as well, with a St Jo red from Lussas at Ozon, a young vines cuvée that contains 10% Roussanne. His limited cellar at Chéminas saw some difficulties in 2018 with the vin de pays reds, that include a 60% Gamay, though Sylvain suppressed that in 2019 [the 2018 Gamay was 16°].

Sylvain Gauthier Le Village 07300 Cheminas

Tel: +33(0)6 89 42 37 09



Countries exported to:1) USA 2) GB 3) Australia, Luxembourg

Percentage Exported: 40%

British Importers: Lay & Wheeler Holton Parl Golton St Mary Colchester CO7 6NN +44(0)1473 313300 www.laywheeler.com Gauntleys 4 High Street Nottingham NG1 2ET +44(0)115 911 0555 www.gauntleys.com

USA Importers: Fass Selections Lyle Fass PO Box 4948 Irvine CA 92616 www.fassselections.com lyle@fassselections.com Down to Earth Wines Robert Panzer www.downtoearthwines.net North Berkeley Imports 1601 Martin Luther King jr Way Berkeley CA 94709 +1800 266 6585 www.northberkeleyimports.com has been ViniFrance Imports Inc 6623 Iron Place Springfield VA 22151 +1703 256 5080