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The Wines

100% Marsanne harvested at 11°-11.5°, bottled after 21 months, non-vintage, 4-5 gm/litre of residual sugar, 18-20,000 b

NV (largely the 2014)

(base of 2014, bottled 2015) pale yellow; there is a neat channel of cooked Bramley apple and pear on the nose. The attack is bright, carries engaging freshness, apple flavours, with late grip, a note of darkness. This is direct, grippy, a bit spare in content. 12°. Dec 2019

NV (largely the 2013)

(base of 2013) fine yellow robe; light pear, cooked Bramley apple show in a bouquet with nice lift. This is lightweight on the palate, more than in the past. It drinks without effort, has a rather delicate close. This is charming, floral wine that serves a good, easy aperitif. 13°. Dec 2018

NV (largely the 2012) ()

pale robe. Candy and melon aromas on the nose, which is elegant, has a nutty angle as well. This attacks well, is bright and stylish, is a bang on the button w.o.w. Saint-Péray, hits the mark, is an excellent aperitif. To 2018  Dec 2015

NV (largely the 2010) ()

pale yellow. This has quite a fine, busy mousse, offers a scent of lemon grass, cooked apple or poached Bramley (large green) apple, some stern walnut airs. It is very effervescent on the attack – there is a lot of mousse to contend with. Its nutty flavour is just short of bitterness. I prefer the nose to the palate, which is rather disorderly. It should be better than this. There is a note of flowers as it ends, where it settles down a tad. 12.5°. Nov 2013

NV (largely the 2009) ()

pale yellow; has a fine mousse; if the glass is whirled there is less initial yeastiness, and an iodine, salty air comes a cross with flecks of butter, white fruit in support, also spring flowers. The palate is a bit frothy on the attack – has a good, clear and simple Marsanne nature – a floating hazelnut and vanilla pod expression. The cork came whizzing out – this has not long been bottled, I’d say. It ends nice and clear, a fruitful clarity. STGT wine – this is a precise, clean example of Saint-Péray champenoise. 12°. Nov 2011

NV (largely the 2006)

flint robe; buttery, soft nose, green apple skin, nut in the second rank. The palate is nice and fresh, with well-judged mousse. Good roundness on the finish, honeyed points there. Good late grip, too. Worth a look for those who do not know this often underrated wine, with winemaking more accurate these days. STGT wine. Dec 2009

NV (largely the 2002)

fresh, nutty nose, clean and crisp. Direct attack, broadens a little later on - gains roundness as it goes. Decisive finish. December 2005

NV (largely the 2000)

apple tart, flan/apricot nose, some breadth; floral, pear flavour. Full but delicate. Clean finish, quite overtly fizzy.

NV (largely 2005)

light yellow colour; has a baked apple, light honeycomb aroma. The palate sets off in a rounded way, with a live mousse that is less than his neighbour Chaboud`s. A wine of some character and flavour, with a tang of Muscat almost in the taste. The length is OK. Good with desserts. Dec 2008