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LVT 2016 r  A 50 hectare domaine that sells in bulk and bottle, with a Signargues now on the go, a welcome additional name to a rather scarce appellation. Jean-Luc Meger is the sixth generation on the domaine, there since 2005, having had work experience with Pierre Gaillard in the Northern Rhône. The 2016 Signargues was a close-knit, reserved but thorough, STGT wine, with a **** rating

Guy, Marc & Jean-Luc Meger Domaine Bellevue 36 chemin d’Audonade 30390 Domazan

Tel: +33(0)6 21 22 32 49


USA Importers: Saranty Imports LLC 108 Corporate Park Drive suite 305 White Plains NY 10604-3816 +1914 251 9463