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The Wines

50% Grenache, 50% Syrah (av age 10 years in 2015) from sandy soils, small stones, hand harvested, destemmed, low temperature maceration, 2 week vinification, cultured yeasts, part vat emptying/refillings, cap punchings, steel vat raised 6-8 months unfined, filtered, “serve at 12°-14°C”, so slight chilling recommended, 25,000 b


bright red with purple, a belle robe. Has a cherry fruited, easy come, easy go aroma, possesses a youthful simplicity and appeal, shows dried herbs, thyme also, licorice, white pepper. It’s a charming bouquet. This is very easy to drink, notably solo, thanks to its pure, streamlined fruit. There is a little clutch of grainy tannin on the finish, the fruit slightly on the back foot there. The palate runs in two halves, a juicy part, then a grainy part. The bouquet leads the palate as it stands now. Grills very much on the agenda here. It’s a functional Côtes du Rhône rouge. 14°. 2019-20 June 2017


quite a dark red. Has a brewed style of bouquet, its berry and prune fruit a shade clipped. The palate gives a run of spiced, agreeable red fruit with an input of tannin towards the finish. This drinks well now, in an honest manner, a wine of local feel. There is a breeze of freshness and a soft floral presence as it ends. Bonny drinking. 14°. 25,000 b. €7.40. 2017-18  Jun 2015

2010 ()

pretty full red, shiny robe. Forward, upwards bouquet, black berry and smoke, coffee beans depth; the nose is a tiny bit distant. The palate is supple and pleasing, offers rolling dark fruit along it until a more considered, granular moment. Good fruit and drinkability in this clear, expressive, still young wine. The balance is good, has good authority also, is a no-risks Côtes du Rhône that fades a tiny bit as it ends. 14°. To 2017  June 2013


quite full, red plum colour. Plump little centre to the nose, displays cooked plums, spicing, fleshy Grenache at its heart. Agreeably round palate that builds a sustained presence; I can feel the warmth of the stony lands here. Has a mini-robustness, is thorough. A sit-down wine with character. Good with stews, lamb. 14°. To 2015. July 2011