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The Wines

45-52% Grenache, 12-15% Cinsault, 11% Syrah, 9-20% Clairette, 8% Mourvèdre 0-6% Syrah, 4-6% Bourboulenc, 2% Picpoul (av age 40 years) from sandy, clay soils, destemmed, 12-48 hr maceration that was cooled for first time in 2007, steel vat fermented after juice bled off or saignée at 15-20°C for 6-8 days, steel vat raised 5-6 months, malo blocked, filtered, “drink with cooked fish, lamb, exotic & spiced dishes, chicken curry, grills”, 230-280,000 b


refined pink, light red robe; the bouquet has a salty undertone, with a neat red berry, strawberry presence, offers a precise, opening. This drinks with ease, straddles the aperitif and la table, with enough depth for cold cuts, steamed fish, chicken dishes, soft cheese such as Brie de Meaux, also. Its juice is charming, and there is a late savoury aspect that pleases, a little extra assertion there that serves it well. It’s a charming, understated, rather delicate Tavel for drinking sooner than most. 14°. To 2022 June 2020

2018 ()

clear red robe; the bouquet leads on a fresh, spiced snap of red fruits, dried herbes de Provence, thyme present also. The palate is well bundled together,  reveals a red cherry flavour, cherry stone, has an assertive hankering towards the finish. It’s an upfront, driving Tavel that needs full flavoured dishes, doesn’t do subtlety. There’s a note of tannin on the close. 14°. 2021 May 2019


fine, pale red colour. The nose is tight, nutty, has a pinpoint of red cherry at its centre, is somewhat muted, has a strawberry undertone. The palate attacks with elegance, offers a tasty red berry fruit curl of pleasure, is very enjoyable in a here and now way. It lengthens on mixed herbs, with carbonic gas and its slight spritz coming through along the palate. It’s designed to be drunk soon, and does that well, ending fresh and clear, is a w.o.w. wine with really neat fruit. 14°. 45% Gren, 20% Clair, 15% Cins, 8% Mourv, 6% Syr, 4% Bourb, 2% Picpoul. To 2020 July 2018

2016 ()

classic deep cherry red of Tavel robe. The nose presents cherry fruit with a note of toffee, a sweet mix to it, strawberry fruit. It has genuine Tavel depth. This glides along well, with strawberry-red berry fruit to the fore; that lasts well into a nicely thorough finish. It hits the line well, and ends on a sweet roundness, that texture aiding its companionship for Asian, Szechuan, Cantonese dishes, white meats with garlic. 14°. 280,000 b. 45% Gren, 20% Clair, 15% Cins, 8% Mourv, 6% Syr, 4% Bourb, 2% Picpoul. €5.00-€8.00. To 2019 July 2017


red-hued robe, a classic Tavel colour. The nose sets out a stall of gentle red fruits, comes in the immediate, shows a compote of red fruits. The palate starts on a rounded display of sweet fruits, and carries that well to the finish. This has a little florality inside it, and drinks very well now, with notes of dried herbs on the finish. To drink with cod, soupe au pistou, poultry, soft cheese, fruit desserts. High on charm. 14°. 45% Gren, 20% Clair, 15% Cins, 8% Mourv, 6% Syr, 4% Bourb, 2% Picpoul. 230,000 b. €5.00-€8.00. To mid-2017. May 2016 

2014 ()

pink-red robe. Blossom of roses combines with soft red stone fruits on the nose. It is curvy and easy to appreciate. The palate is a neat affair – the redcurrant fruits bear a little sweetness, and it all travels in agreeable harmony, with a sympa breadth. Right on the button now: can do aperitif, also hors d’oeuvres. Has quiet inner strength, revealed in its late glow. 14°. 2017-18  Jun 2015  


red hued robe. The nose is aromatic, gently spread, bears a neat red berry fruit, red cherry aroma with a thorough core to it. The palate rolls easily along, works on a smooth, soft texture, the finish rounded. There is a jam like style to the flavour. Correct, not quite able to inspire. 14°. To 2017  Jun 2015


red-tinted robe. Red jelly, redcurrant, strawberry jam aroma with a little floral, honeysuckle, buttery trimming, a hint of licorice, bonbon – very ripe Grenache here. The palate has a sweet style gras opening – this is supple and well-upholstered, a modern, forward wine, a little in one’s face, but one that works well, with its gras well set. Suited to white meats, for instance. The finish is lucid, spiced. It is a bit obvious, a touch overworked. It dips a little in mid-palate. To 2016  May 2013

2010 ()

light red tone in the robe; very comfortable, agreeable red fruit aroma, cherry jelly – it is nicely curved, welcoming, carries the dust of warm stones. Rather intense red fruit debut that carries for some way. The finish is well-shaped, the sign-off full and firm. Lovely with fish – monkish, sea bass, fleshy fish, also glazed chicken in shallots, sweet spices. 14°. To 2013. July 2011 Previously March 2011 *** pale red, pink robe. Candy aroma, mild bouquet, perfumed redcurrant, herbal touches in it. Modern technique, “spotless” wine that could be from elsewhere – the red fruit has some depth, it is clean and reaches out. It ends on pebbly, nutty notes. More soul, please. It could be more involved, benefit of doubt given. 14°. To 2013. March 2011


pale pink; wispy, red fruits aroma – this has a floral charm, flowers such as peony present, and makes a nice ensemble. The palate bears clean-cut red fruit, with a bout of live acidity which drives it along, but doesn't dominate it. Charming wine with an aromatic aftertaste. To 2011. March 2009

2007 ()

spritzy traces on the wine, the colour is quite a full pink. Has a very primary, post-fermentation nose that is led by sweet fruit, bonbon, pear drop aromas, and some high tone also. The palate has a supple, weighted start: this is a wine of depth rather than more of the air. Its sweet red fruit is OK, but obvious, and does not offer any bright highlights. The red fruit-candy taste is enclosed. This was tasted blind; on a 2nd tasting at the Château, it struck me that there was less richness than usual, and a more direct wine had been made. The cooling system tallies with the desire to make a fresher style of Tavel. Drink this with strawberry pudding or soaked red fruits, for instance, at the end of the meal. To 2009. June 2008


pink robe with a red glint in it; stylish bouquet – red fruit with an assured round nature, a hint of flowers – is harmonious. The palate fruit is silken, has a lissom appeal, then there is the entry of a light tannic touch that provides grip. Well made, well structured, the fruit is persistent and it’s full of charm. Good, firm end, clean and lasting, and its balance is good. Seigneur of a wine, top stuff. Can be drunk solo or with food such as veal cutlets or chops sprinkled with herbs. June 2007

2005 ()

soft, charming bouquet (one of the very few to be called `charming`), with flowers and red fruits. Tasty, well-founded red fruit that is easy to get at and enjoy. Just right for the summer. This is accomplished benchmark Tavel, with no excess. Finish is clear and measured. 13.5°