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The Wines

50% Grenache, 25% Syrah, 25% Mourvèdre (av age 35 years) from clay, galet stone covered soils, destemmed, light crushing, 20-22 day vinification, part vat empting/refilling, cap punching, aged 70% concrete & steel vat, 30% 2-3-4 year 228-litre oak casks 6-10 months, unfined, filtered, 45-70,000 b

2016 ()

regular, quite dark red robe. Has a discreet, more elegant than powerful bouquet, gives a trim aroma of black fruit, a hint of florality, neat sweetness at its centre, some cool tones, blueberry fruit. The palate links closely to the nose via a fine stream of black fruit with squeezy tannins after half way, ending roundly, safely. This is a good, Steady Operator, doesn’t light fuses, but drinks nicely, politely. It can amplify a shade more on the second half and on the finish with time. The balance is decent, and it’s enjoyably juicy. 14.5°. 45,000 b. 2027-28 Sept 2018


sober, matt-hued, quite dark red colour. The bouquet is marching on, evolving into damp airs, fruits such as prune rather than freshly picked fruit; there is a spiced, leathery angle, and a smoky, minted aspect. This is a brewed affair, with spicy Grenache at its centre, a country style, traditional wine for stews, casseroles. The finish is round, and develops some graininess, which will be taken care of by food, while the tannins are flexible. I find it strangely advanced at two years’ old, and it is a bit functional. 14°. 2024-25 Sept 2017


shiny red robe. There is a spiced, slightly brewed aroma here – there is a baked note about it, with the fruit resembling simmered black cherries. This drinks soundly now, gives black berry fruits with tidy tannins well inset. It ends with a little flourish of dark berry fruit and a touch of sweetness. Regular Guy wine – what you see is what you get. 14°. 63,000 b. To 2019  Feb 2016 

2010 ()

(cask/vat) dark robe. Sleek, modern black fruit air with black olive paste and flowers as well – it is promising, has plenty to give. The palate runs in a direct sequence, is very polished, has smoothy-chop tannins; is like an easy, effortless lounge music wine. The balance is good. Has a spotless style. More character in its middle age, around 2015-17. 2023-25 Dec 2011


quite a full red; the front air to the nose is slightly stemmy, has black berry fruit behind, leather and prune – a mixed bag here. This is fast forward wine; the fine style black fruit comes and goes rapidly, is airborne, pure. Its late freshness is interesting. The tannins are a little dry, but its length is OK. Has rustic appeal, suits Northern European palates due to its lack of sweetness. Roast pork suited here. 2022-24  July 2011


dark robe, top hue is matt in tone. A sweet-style blackberry fruit aroma unfurls a sweet carpet of jam, the fruit high and sultry, a new fashion wine in the soaked vein. The palate is similar – the fruit isn’t fresh, indeed is a bit taut and cellar-led. Mourvèdre features at the end (tasted blind), providing licorice and length, with a firm, close leaning there. It gets by, but has not been made with personal conviction. The depth is just OK. 13.5. From late 2010. 2018-19  Dec 2009

2007 ()

dark-tinted robe. There are airs of black raisin, baking, cooked fruits – this is truly southern. Fruit peeks out, has a little oiliness in it. The prune, black fruit is lined with tannin that makes it upright. For now, tannin dominates the agenda. It ends with grip, though there is some squeeze in the black fruit. More soft from mid-2010. 14°. 2021-22  Dec 2009  Previously March 2009 *** full red and purple; there is a lacing of yeast on top of black berry fruit aromas – this is typical Lirac, coming with a busy, smoky air. There is a salty tang in the black fruit on the palate – it is direct, and the tang lasts. It ends on a clean, licorice-smoke note, and settles towards the finish. 2020-22 March 2009 Previously Nov 2008 *** (vat/oak) bright, full robe; overt, gourmandise style bouquet – ample, mulled plum fruit that is ripe and along the jam trail. The palate red fruit is plush, rich, open – one for the sweet tooth brigade. It gains welcome grain from half way, and its length is pretty live. It is elegant, with enough body to be interesting, and some end tannin. Honest, quite local, although the sweet style reflects the current fad. Due to be bottled in two weeks. 2019-21 Nov 2008

2006 ()

prune, sweet-toned aroma. The palate black fruit has some sweetness in it, and is followed by a late burst of garrigue, with licorice from the Mourvèdre – it ends on a firm note. The length is good. Today the wine closes up, and is best left until spring 2009. 2020-22 June 2008

2005 ()

full robe; the aroma reflects black fruits taken from ripe grapes – it is very full and complete, has a marked mulled fruits aspect, smoked bacon also. A round and savoury texture greets the drinker – a raspberry fruit liqueur with plenty of appeal, seasoned by some mint late on, adding grip to it. Very good potential from a very good foundation here – a sure quality about this. The ripe tannins need leaving until say 2009. 2022-24 June 2007


sound, bright robe; straight, quite refined fruit bouquet that is at the end of its first youth now, but could show more variety. The palate gains weight as it goes, and there is more here than is suggested by the bouquet. It is a little fenced in, not that expressive. From esp late 2007 on. 2017-19 Feb 2006