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The Wines

40-57% Grenache, 11-30% Cinsault, 15-17% Clairette blanche & rose, 5% Grenache blanc, 0-3% Bourboulenc, 3-12% Syrah, 2-5% Mourvèdre (vines av age 33 years), 12-48 hour skin maceration, saignée or bleeding off the skins juice added to direct press juice, decantation, 10-20 day concrete vat fermentation at 17°C, steel vat raised 6 months, malo blocked, fined during vinification, filtered, “drink with charcuterie, cold meats, white meats, grilled fish, Asian cuisine, sweet and sour dishes”, 60-120,000 b

2019 ()

full pink, with a tinge of orange in the robe; the bouquet is effusive, nice and broad, carries a fresh strawberry fruit aroma at its heart, low-key notes of dried herbs alongside. The palate is tight, quietly complex, with a red fruit channel through it, more to come. It’s a Tavel of character, interest, an STGT wine, one to study a little to get right into it. It has structure, a good frame, well sustained length, and is suited to white meats, lamb, full-flavoured fish such as halibut. It would actually benefit from decanting if you can manage that. It can develop more over the next six to nine months, and will drink well in winter, as well. 14°. 2023-24 June 2020


steady red robe, a dash or orange within; the nose is on boiled sweets, red cherry, lacks a little spring in its step. The palate is close-knit, on a firm serving of red fruits without the freedom of the best. Life’s a bit hard work. It’s not really an ensemble, and finishes firmly, rather suddenly, too, though food will aid that dimension. 14°. To mid-2020 May 2019


bright, appealing red-tinted, lucid robe. The nose is refined, sources redcurrant, a hint of strawberry, with a sherbet, very lighjt candy presence, while a note of lavender adds interest. The palate bears the usual fine-ness of the estate, iron and clear-cut red-fruited content and salted, dentelle-toothsome late moments, some southern weight on the close. It’s all very precise, has good lift, kind detail, is an accurate wine, sophisticated, refreshing, STGT with its good reflection of its sandy soils. It’s suited to modern cuisine, not Vieille France, sauced foods, sp steamed dishes, sushi will be on the money. There is neat depth, grip on the close. 14°. 80,000 b. 57% Gren, 15% Clairette, 11% Cins, 11% Syrah, 5% Mourv, 1% Bourb. €4.39 export. “I recommend Gravadlax of salmon, Thai sautéd prawns,” Guillaum Demoulin. 2020-21 Sept 2018


fine pink robe. This has a fresh, rather floral aroma that mixes strawberry and rose hip. It’s only a little open, doesn’t really push out. There is a hint of reduction, so opening and allowing it to breathe will help it. This is charming, an easy to drink, fine Tavel; the acidity is gentle, and it ends with restraint, quiet grip, a note of dried thyme. It’s all very neat and mild. There is a note of salt on the aftertaste, which keeps going well with some stylish gras. This is a "pitter patter of tiny feet" Tavel. 13.8°. 80,000 b. 57% Gren, 15% Clairette, 11% Cins, 12% Syrah, 5% Mourv. €4.30 export. 2019-20 Aug 2017

2015 ()

pink robe, red cherry notes. The nose is salty, with a lavender, garrigue outcrops influence, a snap of ginger. It is making its way now, not yet fully together. The palate is compact, with a centre of red stone fruits and a crisp tang of clarity. There is a peek out of red juice on the aftertaste. It ends discreetly, can amplify there. 14°. 57% Gren, 15% Clairette, 11% Cins, 11% Syrah, 5% Mourv, 1% Bourboulenc. €4.22 export. To 2019 May 2016


fluid robe, pink, wee orange at top. The bouquet is simple, presents a red cherry and strawberry fruit paste aroma, with a note of freshness, near menthol, also in the picture. There is a wee grunt factor, a ground force note. The palate is a drawn-in affair, all in a firm ball, with a tannic, bitter effect towards the finish. It requires food such as grilled sausages for best effect. It doesn’t quite shake off its tight, sinewed matter and really go for it. There is wine in the glass, so maybe leave until autumn 2015. It can live until 2020, I would say. 13.5°. 57% Gren noir, 15% Clair, 11% Cins, 11% Syr, 5% Mourv, 1% Bourboulenc. Jun 2015

2012 ()

some red tints in a full pink, attractive robe. Spice, ginger, red cherry fruit line up on the nose, with garrigue, thyme, vanilla dashes in it – this is a varied, good bouquet that is nice and fresh. The palate has enough weight for dishes, is a genuine Tavel – grills, fish, for instance. The attack shows a fresh red cherry, with lavender and camomile late on, is close to being STGT. Its depth is subtle. It ends on its red fruits, freshly. To 2016.  May 2013


very pale pink; has a soft, charming, wide air with slight notes of reduction and lees. The palate sequels well, holds soft, rounded red fruit followed by a discreet declaration of power on the finish. There is fine acidity at the end, a light crunch from the red berries. 13.5°. To 2014 Feb 2012


pale robe, pink. Classy, elegant nose offering fine red fruit, spring flowers – it also persists well. The palate is graceful already, harmonious, has a velveteen texture, mild red fruits. Good balance above all. The red cherry fruit forms an attractive late ball. Very well worked. 13.5°. To 2014. March 2011


pale pink, the top is see-through. Cherry aroma, a hint of flowers, a nutty backdrop. The palate is fresh, direct, zaps out, is nice and fresh, the length is fine. There is a cherry fruit revival on the finish. This drinks now – can do the aperitif. It can settle its acidity over the next two to three months. 13.5°. To 2011. March 2009


wee red tone in the pink. The bouquet is softly presented – redcurrant-strawberry fruit aromas here, with latent width and sweet notes in the air. The palate starts softly, is fleshy and agreeable – this is forward, upfront, quite sweet Tavel. It ends on a firmer note, with some guts at that stage. It is a touch obvious, with a full-on style of winemaking. Some late baked stoniness is attached to the more gutsy finish. Good with hors d'oeuvres, saucisson, salamis. To end 2009. June 2008

2006 ()

pink robe; lightly fruited nose, has a calm air, and shows wispy red fruits and some mixed herbs. A little hesitant at the start of the palate. The fruit has some softness but isn’t quite clear all through – there is a dusty sprinkle in the fruit. June 2007